In the skilled hands of the needlewoman, old and unnecessary things become a cozy accessory.

  • Lyudmila

    Glue ?! And what, the old and simple rustic way to crochet is no longer in vogue?

  • Veronica

    Horror! Spend money on blankets, blankets, glue gun and glue to him, on the basis of the rug, time and effort to get a disposable poop at the output? It is not a suitable dust collector. After the first wash sprawls. If you fit into the washing machine!
    Correctly noted above - you should at least crochet.

  • Anonymous

    Do not waste time and money on dregs.

  • Anonymous

    It is not enough that money, labor, even disposable material has been spent: it is very difficult to wash, and it is far from easy to dry.

  • Anonymous

    much more interesting to weave or weave

  • Amazing nonsense

  • Oldvik

    Fabulous incompetent project, just absurd, so much trouble and get such a deformity!

  • Anonymous

    Poverty. Spending time, money on such a guano? What for?

  • Anonymous

    But how beautifully it begins: "unnecessary things turn ...". After seeing the photo and reading everything. I remembered my grandmother. We brought old things from the city and for the winter she crocheted such beautiful rugs crochet !!! That we see in the photo, in many times worse. And taking into account the costs, generally not a profitable project.

  • Svetlana

    Well, they pounced, "seamstress." The man tried, shared his experience. Hands put. And you?. Which site are you walking? "Moscow was not built in a day". And with the size of the guess for the room, and the waves do not lie rug. Carefully done work. Keep it up.

  • Anonymous

    Weaver well done

  • Anonymous

    F-Fu! Such a sloppy rug. On the ground in front of the door it will be even embarrassing to put it.

  • Natalia

    CHUSH is real!

  • Anonymous

    To breathe this glue still constantly.

  • Anonymous

    sucks full

  • Nadia


  • Nadia

    It’s very critical, but it’s said that things aren’t necessary, so why not go to buy them?

  • Irina

    I from old knitted things knit rugs and they turn out very beautiful. If to look, you will think that they are made with thread. It turns out very accurately ..

  • I'm from old

    are very beautiful

    look, you will think that they are made from threads. It is obtained very carefully ..

  • jackdaw

    why so much hassle when you can hook. I knitted it with a hook for 3 pm. but the truth is small in the corridor by the door. I cut it longer.

  • Marina

    The table along the way she, too, from the old boards, found in the garbage collected))))) Europe damn ,,,,

  • Anonymous


  • anonymous

    In spite of the mass of negativity from “connoisseurs of the beautiful” I liked it, but not like store-type things.

  • Anonymous

    And the table is cool, if anyone understands.

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