In this room there was only a table and a chair. What this guy did was a must see!

If the room fits only a table and a chair, this is no reason to lose heart! Here is a bright proof: the guy was able to transformtiny roombeyond recognition. Thanks to his wit, he combined the office and the bedroom in a small room.

To do this, you do not need to be a builder, it does not take a lot of time and money. The main thing is a burning desire to make your home comfortable! Extra bed can be used for guests: no empty spare rooms. A dream idea, what to say ...

Who would have thought that such a huge bed can be easily placed in such a small room ...

% image_alt%Beginning of work. The guy decided to build an additional tier for the bed - now it will be right under the workplace. This is savvy!

% image_alt%Small brackets attached to the wall - the starting point of the whole structure.

% image_alt%Support beams for clever design.

% image_alt%It is very important that everything is strong. The guy admitted that he spent a lot of time checking fasteners.

% image_alt%The frame is almost ready!

% image_alt%This wooden base will serve as a support for the bed, sliding on wheels.

% image_alt%Exterior wood paneling.

% image_alt%Steps will lead to the workplace.

% image_alt%One of the most difficult stages of work is to make a warm and reliable floor.

% image_alt%Laminate guy stele himself too! Truly golden hands.

% image_alt%Wooden panels do not have to be painted, you can simply varnish. But so they look no less elegant!

% image_alt%

Now the room does not know. This idea made me seriously think about the mini-repair ...

% image_alt%It's delightful! Turned outtwo-story roomwith optimally organized space.

% image_alt%The bed is very convenient to move on wheels. I have never met such a compactly arranged bed ...

% image_alt%A great example of affordable, but very!! Now the apartment has twice the functionally used space. Take note of this brilliant idea and tell your friends about it. A small room can be turned in two accounts into a real miracle of design ideas.

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