Incredible: inside this house there are no walls at all. Take a look inside and appreciate how everything is arranged

With the exception of the toilet and bathroom, the rest of the rooms inside this house are not separated by partitions.

The family living in the city of Fukuoka (Japan), consists of 4 people. They purchased a plot of 109 sq. M. m., however, it is located on an inclined surface. In accordance with a non-standard landscape, it was necessary to build a house that would fully satisfy the needs of family members and at the same time be convenient and comfortable.

From the outside it seems that the house consists of only one floor, however, thanks to a competent layout, there are actually five of them.

On the left is the staircase, on the right - all the main rooms, that is, the living room, kitchen and bedrooms, with the exception of the toilet and bathroom - they are located in the upper left side of the house.

Since the house is very close to the road, it was decided to move the central window from the entrance to the back of the building, thereby reducing noise and the amount of dirt and dust.

This free planning, in the full sense of the word, allows all family members to communicate at any time. Parents perfectly see where their children are and what they do.

Furniture is mostly near the walls, so inside is spacious - you can walk freely to and fro without bumping into anything.

The staircase on the left side of the house is rather narrow, but it doesn’t bother the family at all - but more room is made available for the rooms.

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