Incredibly beautiful little things that can be done on a sewing machine

For those who like to sew, but do not find time for large-scale long-term projects, there is an opportunity to do what they love. Take a sewing machine and create a few pleasant things in a short time. What do you like more, original accessories or items for the home? Choose!

The decoration in the Gothic style.

To create such a decoration you need a machine that allows you to switch to embroidery mode. Pick the colors that will be combined with each other and with your outfit. This may be a fashion choker, collar or bracelet. Or maybe you want to create a shawl or stole in such a technique?

Bags for trifles.

Such bags can be sewn from any bright fabric. Sew together the two parts, folding them together with the front sides, and then turn them out. Make a small pocket on top of the drawstring. You can decorate the bags with hand stitches and large buttons.Now the smallest things in the house will not be lost.

Shopping Bag.

Buying packages at the box office has long been considered a sign of poor tone! Today it is fashionable to save the environment and not to waste extra money to the wind. A large roomy bag for going to the supermarket can be sewn from old jeans, and you won't have to throw them away either. Creating a bag will take no more than an hour of your time. And the money that can be saved on plastic bags, you can pay to the fund to protect the environment.

Textile checkers.

If you are a fan of this ancient game, you can sew yourself a textile version of colored rags. The figures themselves are convenient to carve out of colored felt. Do not forget to leave one edge unstitched, because it is convenient to store the figures inside the structure.

The holder for a glass.

From the smallest pieces of multi-colored fabric will come a great accessory for the kitchen. Simply sew a rectangle, matching the lining in the color of the pattern. The holder can be fastened with a simple button or velcro. If there are many shreds, you can "dress" all the cups and glasses.

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