Indian Amulet - Dream Catcher

Many are familiar with such an unusual adaptation as a dream catcher, whose origin is connected with an ancient Indian legend. According to the legend, dreams and energy, soaring in the night air, fall into the catcher’s web and weave into its threads. Good energy finds a way out and descends along long threads to the sleeper, giving it wisdom and helping in solving life problems. And the negative forces are entangled in the knots of weaving and beads, not finding a way out, and dissolve with the appearance of the first rays of the sun. Dreamcatcher can be a real amulet that protects the host from negative energy and bad effects. At the same time, it is considered that only the dream catcher, which is made with his own hands, possesses real magic power: in the process of manufacturing, he is endowed with human energy. So, let's go to the lesson, from which you learn how to make your own dream catcher. For an amulet you will need:
 You will need an amulet
- the ring-shaped base.Traditionally, an amulet uses a wicker curved in a ring, but the inner circle from the hoop can also be used; - cord or thread from 12 to 14 meters long. The threads should not be too thin: a wool thread, a band or a waxed cord will work for the amulet. It is believed that when choosing the color of the thread for the dream catcher, preference should be given to natural, "natural" shades; - wooden beads of various sizes. It is advisable to use natural materials, but in modern dream catchers they also use all sorts of beads made of glass, plastic or natural stones; - feathers. Feathers of various colors needed for the amulet can be purchased at stores for needlework and scrapbooking; - Moment, transparent glue; - scissors. Progress: To the ring, taken as the basis of the amulet, you need to firmly tie a long cord, leaving about 20 of the other edge free for attaching beads and feathers. Begin to tightly wind the thread around the base, trying not to leave gaps between turns. It is desirable that the thread does not break in the process. After wrapping the entire base, firmly tie the threads to the cord left at the beginning of the work.All nodules can be lubricated with a quick-drying transparent glue to strengthen them.
 tightly wind the thread
 wind around the base
Then close to the knot, an initial thread that will braid the amulet should be tied. To start the first row of the web, pull back 3-4 centimeters from the beginning of the thread and make a loop: wrap the hoop in a clockwise direction and thread the thread into the hole that has formed, tightening it tightly. Continue making similar loops in a circle. In the process of making a dream catcher, you can weave wooden beads and shells into a cobweb, optionally securing them with knots.
 bind starting thread
 braid the amulet
make similar loops
When the first row is finished, immediately go to second circle. Now the thread needs to be wrapped not around the base, but to fasten the loops on the thread itself, which is the first row of the dream catcher. Continue to weave the web around the next rows.The radius of the hole inside the weave should gradually decrease.
 go to the second circle
not wrapping around the base
gradually decrease
It is possible to finish weaving when it forms slightly in the very center of the trap nd circle of thread. Tie the end of the cord gently, securing it in a knot. Apply a small drop of instant glue to the knot to prevent the cobweb from spreading. Align the rows of weaving and cut the end of the thread.
 Finish weaving
At the next stage, you can begin to decorate the amulet. On the cord left before work, string the beads and secure them with a knot so that they do not fall off. When the beads are strung on a thread, to the base of the feathers chosen for the dream catcher, you must firmly tie the end of the cord.
 decorating the amulet
At the same distance from the cord, make two of the same" tail with feathers and beads. To make a loop for fixing a dream trap, cut a string about 16 centimeters long, tying its ends together. Fold in half and make a node as shown in the picture.
 loop for fixing the trap
Your personal dream keeper is ready!
Indian Amulet

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