Inheritance of land

If there are several heirs, it is possible to divide a land plot that is inherited, but only with the observance of such a requirement: the minimum plot size must meet the standards that are fixed either by regional or local laws. For example, the minimum size of the plot of land that will be used for the construction of a dwelling house is set by local governments.
If it is impossible to divide a land plot, then one of the heirs who has a preferential right to a hereditary share will inherit it. The remaining heirs are either transferred to other property from the estate or are paid monetary compensation.
In the event that no one has a preemptive right to receive a land plot, it is inherited as common shared ownership. If the heir has not reached the age of 18, his legal representatives may lease the land until the age of majority of the heir.
All unauthorized buildings on the land plot are not part of the inheritance, as the testator had no rights to them during his lifetime. However, this does not prevent the inherited plot to go to court with a claim for recognition of ownership of the unauthorized construction.

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