Interesting facts about colors

Flowers are the most unique creations that the earth has given us. Every, even a little flower is a mystery of nature. As early as 4000 years ago, the first shoots were grown by the ancient Egyptians, from which the floral era began, which continues to this day. Even in ancient times, flowers were used to express feelings towards a loved one, which continues to this day.

They not only delight the eye and soul, produce clean air for us, help from many diseases, but they also have a large number of amazing properties, you can tell about some of them read today, we’ll tell you some interesting facts about colors that you can hear for the first time.


Throughout history, roses have been used in incredibly extravagant ways. The Romans laid out a path to their huge banquet halls with rose petals, and Cleopatra literally knee-deeply walked in rose petals, which her beloved Mark Antony gave.

Roses were a beautiful symbol of the holiday in all cultures. Nothing expresses personal feelings better than roses, and they are always in fashion. Whatever color or size you choose, roses are beautiful and perfect. Is it possible to forget when you first received a rose from a loved one?


One of the legends associated with flowers says that when the Greek goddess Asterea looked at the earth and could not find any stars, she began to cry. Asters grew out of the ground, in the place where her tears flowed. Most legends associated with them can explain their shape, which resembles the twinkling of stars.

There are more than 175 species of asters found in North America, most of which bloom from late summer to early autumn, if the ambient temperature is higher than normal, it can delay flowering. They are popular with gardeners and are often used as cut flowers.


Lavender is a truly amazingly beautiful purple flower with a unique aroma. It is a symbol of Provence and usually hails from southern France. Healing properties of lavender oil are stored in the sebaceous glands among its numerous flowers, leaves and stems.Lavender oil can be used to soothe the pain in muscles and joints, reduce anxiety and stress, get restful sleep, and its nectar is used to produce high quality honey. More than 2500 years ago, lavender was used in ancient Egypt during the mummification process.

Lavender was used on the battlefields of World Wars I and II to prevent infection and relieve pain when other medicines were running out.

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