Interesting facts about the doors

Do you think that all the doors are the same and do not differ much from each other? We hurry to convince you - it turns out there are isolated instances that are very different from the rest. The door can be not only a protector of the house, but also a kind of art object. Introducing the TOP-6 unusual doors!

1. Most mystical

The most unusual door is considered to be "Tanaka" - through it you can go through in the literal sense of the word. The slats from which it consists are equipped with sensitive sensors, each of which calculates the dimensions of the contour of the approaching person. Thanks to the sensors, the panels move apart, allowing you to pass freely.

2. The heaviest

Weight the heaviest door in the world is 320 tons, the thickness - 2.43 meters. The design is installed in the chemical laboratory. Lawrence (California). Incredible, but it opens, like any interior doors (here you can buy by the way), manually.The whole secret is in specially designed hinges, due to the special design of which you do not need to exert much effort.

3. Oldest

There are two oldest doors in the world, one to this day being used for its intended purpose, letting in and letting out residents of the British castle. It is known that the trees from which it was made were cut down in the 11th century.

A couple of years ago, we discovered the oldest door in Europe, made in 3060 BC. er (age - more than 5,000 years). The wood found is perfectly preserved, which impressed archaeologists.

4. The most beautiful

The incredible beauty is attributed to the gates of the Baptistery of St. John the Baptist (Florence). The gates were made in 1425 by popular designers of the time - Pisano and Ghiberti, commissioned by the merchant Guild. The great Michelangelo himself, seeing them, exclaimed: "Yes, this is the Gates of Paradise!"

5. The most terrible

The dark doors of the Slovenian Cathedral of St. Nicholas cause a persistent reluctance to open them. They are made so gloomy that visitors to the cathedral are unlikely to risk wondering what lies behind them.Meanwhile, the construction does not belong to the time of the gloomy Middle Ages: the gate was made about 15 years ago, in 1996, by order of Pope John Paul II. According to the authors, numerous patterns and other decorations symbolize the history of the diocese.

6. The biggest

The giant door is in the control of NASA. Height is 456 feet (139 meters), which is taller than the height of the Statue of Liberty (305 feet or 95 meters). Thus, the "exhibit" is not only the largest lockable / unlocking design, but also one of the largest world objects.

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