Interesting interior design of a small kitchen

The kitchen is a place where we spend a lot of time. There are, of course, those in this room can not drive, because they do not know how to cook. But everyone wants to eat, so the kitchen for all of us is the most important room in the whole room.

The interior design of a small kitchen can be thought up by yourself, well, or trust the hands of a professional. Of course, a small area of ​​the room introduces some restrictions in creating the interior. But, with a competent approach, even in the tiniest room, you can make smart repairs and implement all your ideas.

Unfortunately, the majority of the population of our country lives in houses with standard room layout. In those times when our houses were being built, it was decided to make the kitchen small in order to save the total area of ​​apartments and houses. As a result, now we have to huddle in a tiny room, which we use often and for different purposes.

Just think, the kitchen is the place where we cook delicious food, in the morning we enjoy a cup of aromatic coffee, spend a romantic dinner with a loved one or gossip with a girlfriend.We spend a lot of time in this room, so it’s important that you like the design of the small kitchen.

The main problem of a small kitchen is that it should contain a large amount of furniture and appliances. But, with a competent approach, this problem can be solved without problems. So, consider the key points in the interior design of a small kitchen.

To solve the problem of a small room in the following way:

  • Change kitchen layout
  • Use design "chips"
  • Connect the two previous options

Consider these options in more detail.

Change planning

To make such manipulations with the room you need to weigh all the pros and cons. You can not rashly remove the wall in the house or add a window, because you are not an architect and do not know all the subtleties of building construction. Perhaps the wall is a carrier and, removing it, you can cause the destruction of the building.

To find out if it is possible to demolish the wall, for example, in order to combine the kitchen with the living room, you will need a building plan and a specialist consultation. Significantly expand the room by connecting it with a balcony.Just keep in mind that it must be securely glazed. The room will appear larger if there are as few partitions and doors as possible.

If you do not have a balcony in the kitchen, we suggest you get rid of the door. Connect the small kitchen to the corridor with the help of a beautiful arched opening. You can remove the door only if you have a powerful hood installed in the kitchen. Otherwise, the smell of cooking products and dishes will spread throughout the apartment.


To visually enlarge a small room we advise you to use mirrors and mirror surfaces. A small room is better to decorate in a light color scheme: beige, white, pink. The darker the color of the walls and ceiling, the smaller the room seems. Also, do not use bright and massive patterns in the wall decoration.

Of course, light furniture in the kitchen is not the most practical solution, but it will allow you to feel comfortable even in the smallest room.

Discard the small elements of the decor. All vases, statues, paintings visually clutter the room. Do not leave the dishes on the table; in a small kitchen there should not be many objects in sight.So put everything in the closet.

By the way, if possible, choose built-in electrical appliances. Manufacturers make them more compact and neat.

Do not hang dark curtains of coarse fabrics in the kitchen. Give preference to light, gentle curtains.

The interior design of a small kitchen does not have to be boring. Do not be afraid to dream and bring your ideas to life.

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