Interior design of the furniture salon: a role in sales efficiency, the basics of a winning concept, features of creation

What can be called today the "show room effect" in the direction of, for example, selling furniture? This is a presentation of the goods, in which the buyer sees not just scattered furnishings, samples or catalogs, but ready-made furniture solutions.

The role of interior design in effective presentation of furniture groups

These exposures are fully finished, functional, stylized interior kits. These can be dressing rooms, seating corners on the basis of upholstered furniture, complete furnishing of the room, etc. The main thing is to think over and implement the interior design of the furniture showroom and the expositions presented in such a format in order to successfully present each furniture group.

This is important because, even if a company sells only kitchen furniture without light fixtures, utensils and accessories, the presence of the latter may cause the buyer to purchase one or another model. And faster and more real than tables, headsets, chairs, etc., which are separately placed around the store. But with the proper presentation of the exposure.

Features of interior design of such furniture salon

What should be the interior of a furniture store of this format? On (the site of one of the most reputable companies in the field of design of individual and public interiors) you can get acquainted with examples of successful design concepts for stores, salons and other shopping facilities. In general, there are several main points:

  1. The cabin space should be clearly organized, properly shaped and zoned. But to stay at the same time easy, mobile (after all, it is assumed that the exposure will regularly change, be supplemented, updated) and not cause a sense of storage.
  2. Finishing of all surfaces should be unobtrusive, relatively universal and calm in terms of the concept of design, as well as be a winning background for each exposure.At the same time, it is important to emphasize, convey to the buyer, maintain the image and corporate style of the company (brand awareness).
  3. Ergonomic space and safety are critical to customers. This concerns, firstly, the choice of materials for surface finishing (for example, tile / porcelain stoneware for the floor with anti-slip effect). Secondly, the arrangement of expositions and accessories selling furniture (should not hurt anything, hinder the movement of customers, their familiarity with the goods, etc.).

Taking into account all the nuances is not easy, but the interior design here is one of the “pillars” of sales, therefore it is more rational to involve professionals in the development of the interior design concept.

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