Interior door decoration

Almost every person has had moments in his life when the home interior becomes boring and bleak, there is a desire to change something or alter it. Women begin to rearrange furniture and paintings, insert new photos into frames, and so on. Men, for the most part, seldom burden themselves with something laborious, most often everything is limited to the full disclosure of curtains on the windows, well, that's basically all. And in vain, because if you have some free time, you can create something beautiful and individual, and most importantly - with your own hands. For example, to decorate a regular interior or front door ...
You will need: a wide masking tape, a pencil, a knife or a razor, paint spray in a can and a little imagination.
First, the surface of the door need to glue masking tape. Each subsequent strip should go with a slight overlap on the previous one, the non-glued sections are not allowed.
Then take a pencil and apply the selected pattern,the benefit of a huge variety of options! It can be a big heart (as a gift to the second half), Chinese characters, Egyptian ornaments, animals or flowers, in general, what your heart desires. (The photo below shows an outline of an old tree).
After this, it is necessary to cut out the image and remove excess scotch strictly along the contours, with a knife or with a razor (very carefully, so as not to cut yourself). As a result, you should get a kind of stencil.
Now it's time to get the aerosol. It is better than paint (in this situation), as it dries faster and more evenly falls on the surface, leaving no stains. Before application, the can should be shaken carefully (2-3 minutes) and only then used.
The choice of color always remains with the performer, since tastes and preferences vary greatly. In addition, much depends on the color of the door itself, if it is brown, you should choose a shade that will not merge with it.
So the final stage has come, the drying time (1-2 hours) has passed, the door has passed colored and ready to remove the scotch.
As a result, we get an unusual and very original drawing,which will please everyone around with its beauty and originality.
That's all done.

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