Interior thread hanging

In recent years, Western features have increasingly begun to be added to our traditional Easter traditions to celebrate this Bright Holiday. First of all it concerns the use of thematic decor in the interior design. Easter garlands, bunnies, Easter trees and so on become a bright decoration of almost every home. By the way, you can do them yourself, and start with the simplest and easiest - not a bulky interior hanging of threads.
 interior thread hangers
To work you will need:
interior thread pendant
  • pattern for pendant (the most current and simple form in this case is an egg);
  • cardboard cover from to timid (to fix the pattern);
  • colored threads;
  • food wrap;
  • sewing pins;
  • PVA glue;
  • brush;
  • scissors.
Stage 1.Preparatory - fix the template for the suspension on the “working surface”. The cardboard cover from the box will act as the “working surface”. It can also be just a box, a piece of foam, or any other not very thick and easily punctured surface. First, a sheet of paper with a drawn (or printed) outline of the future suspension is fixed to the working surface with a one-layer cling film.interior thread hanging
Next, with the help of sewing pins, we denote the contour of the pendant, piercing the base with a pattern over the top of the cling film. The frequency of the location of the pins depends on how small it is planned to make the pattern “web” of threads.
 interior suspension of threads
 interior thread hanging
Stage 2. The main one is to form a patterned pendant. After the outline is completely marked with pins, we draw a brush around it on the outer edge ,abundantly moistened with PVA glue.
 interior pendant made of yarns
Before the glue has dried, take the free end of the thread of the same color and several times wrap it around one of the pins on top of the "template. At the same time, it is necessary to make sure that it is well saturated with glue.
 interior thread hangers
Holding the thread start at the base of the pin, we wind the entire outline of the template several times, slightly pulling the thread. Additionally, you can slightly smear the upper layer of the thread with a small amount of glue to make the contour more dense.
 interior pendant of threads
Next, from any point we take the thread in arbitrary directions, forming a pattern "Spiderweb" inside the contour of the suspension, dipping the thread with glue. In this case, it is not necessary to completely wind every pin. It is enough to “bend around” it and additionally lubricate it with glue.
 interiorthread hanging
 interior pendant of threads
Having finished forming a pattern of this color, its free edge also fix with glue.
interior hanging of threads
Similarly, we make a “drawing” with a thread of a different color. Remove the excess glue with a brush or napkin.
 interior suspension of threads
Stage 3. The final one is making the suspension. When the desired pattern is made, the excess glue is removed, leaving the future suspension for some time until the glue dries . We remove the pins and separate the suspension from the working surface. Thanks to the food film, it is very easy to do.
 interior thread hangers
 interior suspension of the threads
Crop unnecessary the ends of the threads, we clean the suspension from the possibly remaining adhesive films. We tie a thread at the top.
 interior thread hanging
And we use the finished product for its intended purpose - we decorate the interior for the holiday.
 interior thread hanging
to make such Easter n Odveski very easy. Different thickness of threads, bright colors, additional decorative elements will allow to diversify each pendant, and make the design even more interesting.

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