Internet star has taught to curl curls with a colander

Beauty does not always require sacrifice! Natural feminine ingenuity and resourcefulness will come to the rescue in order to give the appearance of gloss and well-groomed appearance in a flash.

Social networks have repeatedly surprised us with unexpected findings in the home beauty industry, including using kitchen utensils. One has only to remember the trick with the use of a teaspoon when applying a smooth line of eyeliner, as well as for curling eyelashes!

But the famous video blogger Hudabeauty was especially surprised. To put her hair in stylish flowing waves, she applied a wonderful maneuver using a kitchen colander.

Instead of drying her hair in the most usual way, followed by smoothing and styling, the girl put the washed strands into a colander and dried them with a hairdryer. Voila! And you have smooth natural curls.

Will such a curling idea win the title “Discovery of the Year” and whether it guarantees 100% results,we do not argue. We leave it to your court.

Watch this stunning video success on the Internet:

Another tip from an enterprising girl is how to make a hairstyle with a bang and look like a princess from Disney cartoons, when you do not want to cut off long hair.

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