Interview - how to behave, so as not to disgrace?

Every person, at least once in his life, there is a need to undergo such a vital moment as a trip to the interview. For most of us, this is not the most pleasant action, because the fate of a person, his further career, and, as a result, his financial situation and material well-being may depend on the results of such hikes.

So, possible vacancies are reviewed and selected, resumes are prepared and sent, and then, finally, a phone call is heard - you are invited for an interview. This, first of all, suggests that out of dozens of similar resumes and proposals, your aroused the potential interest of the employer, which means that you are already a little winner. How to proceed?

For the dream job is worth fighting

Much has been written on the topic of employment, but nevertheless it is very important to highlight among the universal ocean of recommendations specific advice on how to behave properly at an interview, because, in fact, this is the main factor that will affect the outcome of your efforts.

The blunder of many people who are trying to get a job is a reluctance to properly prepare for the important day of the interview, and for this it is not enough to collect the documents and rely on their own knowledge.

No, of course, if you can enlist a wealth of experience and vivid work, then your chances of success are greatly enhanced. But, in most cases, people go to the interviews who have not worked at all before, or have worked, but without much success and career achievements, then everything is important at the interview: from demeanor to your favorite book, which you will call your potential employer.

What is important to know that the interview was successful?

You own the information - you own the world!

No wonder they say that, because knowledge and awareness really can help in any situation, but during an interview, all the more. And, by the way, it's not even about your professional knowledge. If you received a call from a company and were invited to an interview, then in a polite and friendly manner, specify where the office is located, what exactly the company does and whether it is not network marketing, if the latter, of course, does not interest you.

There may be several people

Of course, it is better if you find all the information you are interested in about a particular employer in advance, on the Internet, examine the scope of the firm's activities, its successes over the past few years. Imagine how uncomfortable you will feel if you come to an interview for an enterprise that is proud of its achievements and fame, and you are not aware of this fact at all.

If you have not found any information on the Internet, then do not hesitate to get to know her by phone, it's your right, of course, do not conduct an interrogation, but rather, thereby show your interest.

Do not try to pass an interview on the phone, in 95% of cases it ends with nothing, because this way of communication is not suitable for such a thing.

We think over the appearance

In order not to speak about the red diploma and excellent knowledge, the first impression of a person plays a very important role, it is believed that the first 10 seconds of the meeting are enough to understand if the person is nice to you or not. For hikes for the interview, they did not yet come up with a strict dress code, it is necessary to select clothes according to the situation and depending on the sphere of activity of the office to which you came to be arranged.

For example, to come in a strict suit to a creative company is somehow not appropriate, but for official institutions, such as a bank, an insurance company, or a budget organization, this appearance will be just the point. Try to make you comfortable and comfortable, and not so that the whole interview pestered you with an idea, when can you take off these terribly uncomfortable shoes? Clothing should not be only from the store, as well as excessively bright or, even more so, causing.

Be prepared for much

You need to take care not only about clothes, try to look well-groomed and neat, and for this it is important to pay attention to every little thing: makeup, hair, manicure and even small accessories!

Make-up should not be completely absent, but theatrical coloring will not be out of place, it is better to collect hair in a bun or to braid with a stylish pigtail, loose long curls are not always suitable for such events.

You have to show yourself - excessive pomp or, on the contrary, increased modesty will only lower your chances of real success. In all things, a balance must be maintained: an inaccurate hairstyle, long hair in men, an obsessive perfume or defiant cleavage can be interpreted against you.

Consider all possible answers

Of course, it is not worthwhile to memorize in advance the text of possible answers, but it would not hurt to think through what can be said in a certain situation. Employers can dodge and ask the most unpredictable questions to check their potential subordinates. For example, what did you do last night? What book did you read the last / watched the last movie?

Of these, at first glance, strange questions, there can be a clear idea about you as a person; it is often important for employers that the future employee is not just smart, but also interesting, sociable, with a broad outlook and ability to understand humor. Of course, you spend most of your time at work, which is why it is so important that you are surrounded by pleasant and “necessary” people.

Disgrace is easy

Remember, questions can be quite personal, for example, are you going to get married soon? Do you plan to have children? Do you have a young man? You have small children, will they interfere with your work? Only you decide whether to answer such questions, in some European countries they are tabooed at all, however, our employers do not hesitate to actively ask such questions.

Some of the favorite topics include questions about strengths and weaknesses, do not be alarmed and do not hesitate to objectively praise yourself in the context of "My work colleagues say that I am ...". But the negative side is better to exhibit in the most positive light, for example, "I am a scattered person, sometimes I do not notice how I stayed behind until 9 pm ...".

How to keep calm?

Remember that the interview is an equal meeting, where you did not come to ask for a job, as well as yourself, as a seller of the product “of your knowledge and skills”, are interested in your new responsibilities. Working conditions and wages.

If something does not suit you, you can always refuse and leave. Try to have a good night’s sleep on the eve, to feel fresh and active in the morning, it’s better not to drink any sedatives before the meeting, otherwise you risk to “float” during an important conversation.

Think over what to say about self-presentation, speech should flow, and words should be folded into whole and capacious sentences - fragments of phrases and nervous giggles will be inappropriate.

Try to show your interest and good mood for your work from the very beginning, so do not hesitate to ask questions.A common mistake of many people who are trying to get a job is the inability to ask questions.

Do not hesitate to ask about your duties, inquire about the vacancy and what salary you can claim. It happens that the employer himself is interested in how much do you think you want to receive? To do this, be sure to ask in advance what kind of salary in this company as a whole and how much you can receive, in accordance with your work experience and skill level.

And the last thing: remember, you should not be late for an interview, it is better to come 10 minutes earlier than 10 minutes later and then try in vain to make up for your wrongdoing.

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