Irina Shayk did short haircut

At the Dsquared2 show as part of the Men's Fashion Week in Milan, the guests discussed not a new collection, but ... a new haircut by Irina Shayk - a square with bangs! Especially effectively, the haircut looked with the man's jacket, which the supermodel threw on the naked body. The supermodel herself was so pleased that she even posted two photos at once in a new image on Instagram, so that subscribers could also appreciate her bold beauty experiment.

Publication by irinashayk (@irinashayk)17 Jun 2018 at 11:29 pdt

Publication by irinashayk (@irinashayk)17 Jun 2018 at 10:06 pdt

However, contrary to expectations, the new haircut immediately caused a wave of criticism.

Ira, why!?
No no and one more time no!
Hope this is just a wig
This length does not go at all
Like after an illness ...
Got older at least five years

- the comments from frustrated fans fell on Irina, who sincerely believe that she was much better with long hair. We would not be so categorical, because changes are always for the better, and hair can grow!

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