Is it possible to baptize a child at their godfathers?

Baptism is one of the most important events in the life of a person who professes the Orthodox faith. This sacrament is the first and main step of the newborn soul to Christianity, its communion with the church.

At baptism, the child is given a church personal name by the name of one of the Orthodox saints. It is believed that this saint will be the heavenly patron and protector of the soul of the little Christian, therefore his choice is very important. In addition, church names often coincide with secular (civil) names, with the exception of non-Christian names.

The choice of the baby's godparents is also very important, because the godparents will have to share the responsibility and work of bringing up the baby. Therefore, many have various questions regarding the correct choice of godparents for a child.

So, one of the most common is the question: is it possible to baptize a child with your kuma (your godfather)? To tell the truth, here the opinions of many clerics diverge: some argue,that it is strictly forbidden to carry out the baptism of the children of their godfathers, while others insist that this is possible.

Of course, to find out the exact answer to this question, it is better to ask the priest of the church for advice. He will surely tell you.

The same child cannot be godmothers who are linked by blood, for example, brother and sister, it is also forbidden to husband and wife to baptize one child, non-Orthodox people and young, monastic and, naturally, blood parents.

The main thing when choosing a godfather for a baby is the willingness of a person to be responsible for him, to take on the duties of raising him, helping his parents, taking care of the little soul and instructing him on the right path in life. Also, it is believed that the sins of a godson under 17 years old are taken by godparents.

Therefore, as a rule, close friends of the child’s parents or their relatives, who should be of Orthodox Christianity, baptized and over 12 years old, become godparents. Refusing to become a godparent is not accepted.

So, there are several cases where kinship ties between godparents are permissible.For example, a husband and wife can baptize different children in the same family. Mother and son, father and daughter can baptize one godson. Also, the same godparents with their mother can baptize several children in the same family. A brother or sister can be a godfather or, accordingly, godmother to a brother or sister. Grandparents, as well as aunts or uncles, if not married, can be godparents to their grandson or nephew.

Traditionally, the godfather must purchase a cross for the baby, and often takes care of all the expenses associated with the ritual. It is believed that for baptism it is better to take a silver cross that will protect the baby from envy and a bad eye.

The golden cross, on the other hand, is not worth taking for the ritual, since gold is considered to be "dirty" and sinful metal. In addition, the cross is an important symbol in the sacrament of baptism, it is designed to remind a person of the Savior's feat on the cross, as well as the duty of a newborn Christian.

The godmother gets a baptismal shirt and towel for the baby. Instead of a towel, you can take a beautiful diaper or eyecup - a diaper of thin lace material.This shirt is also an important symbol, it must be white. Its meaning is in the transfiguration of man, the purity of life in Christ. After baptism, both the baptismal shirt and the towel are cleaned at home and carefully preserved.

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