Is it possible to find out what awaits me in the future?

Who went to fortunetellers, magicians, medicine men and. E.? Did they tell the truth about your future? And is it possible to know the future yourself?
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Anastasia Lucy
Anastasia Lucy
Answered on December 14, 2014 15:06
I was at the fortune tellers, and at one time went to the wise woman alone. I can say that there is something in it. But to find a really good magician is very difficult. Therefore, as a rule, they only extort money from people and nothing else. Also, do not take predictions too seriously, because fortune-tellers are also mistaken. And in general, it seems to me, it is better not to know your future. It does not always make us happy, often, on the contrary, it saddens us. I remember one fortuneteller told me such things that a person should not say. And the real magician knows this. I was upset and for a long time could not come to my senses. As for predicting the future yourself, you can try. The simplest thing that can be here is maps. They read both on playing cards and tarot. There are a lot of layouts on the Internet.Here it is important to know that the cards must be new and not transferred to the wrong hands. In addition to cards, you can try fortune telling on the grounds or runes. Hardly you will get the result immediately, but if you practice, you can predict some events. However, practice shows that the cards guess better than others than themselves. I do not know what it depends on, but when I guess at myself, the answers are very blurred, and when to others, everything turns out clearly. Experiment, maybe something will work out for you, the gift of foresight will open, who knows. But do not meddle there, what you do not know, good luck)
Polina Dobrokhotova
Polina Dobrokhotova
Answered on December 14, 2014 15:36
Of course, really! It is only necessary to apply to a good fortuneteller, which will arrange solitaire for you.

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