Is it possible to treat warts during pregnancy?

A little about the treatment of condylo during pregnancy

Inspection for the presence of warts, of course, ideally should pass before pregnancy, and not after you know about it. When a woman can be treated with this disease with very powerful antiviral drugs. And patients who have found condylomas during pregnancy will not be able to use these drugs.
Modern medicine does not recognize the use of potent drugs during the formation of the child's body. Expectant mothers may be prescribed special sparing drugs in some cases.
Very often, during pregnancy, visible warts recur, have a tendency to grow and become loose. Doctors recommend the treatment of HPV and the removal of warts during pregnancy, since warts create a nidus of infection that is dangerous for infecting a child.Doctors recommend treating this disease in the early stages.Therefore, the use of cytotoxic drugs, as well as the use of electric effects is not recommended.

Why and how dangerous are warts during pregnancy

These formations (papillomatous) are located on the mucous membrane and skin. When a mother carries a baby, warts can increase in size and become friable. So do not notice their presence during pregnancy will not work. The gynecologist, who is supervised by the expectant mother, will definitely prescribe an active treatment for warts. Despite this, increased growths during pregnancy can be the cause of hemorrhagic complications at the birth of a baby. Still, passing through the birth canal, the child can take a premature breath. If there are condylomas in the mother's vagina, the baby can easily get a condition such as condyloma after birth.
Infection with HPV causes the growth of warts on the mucous membrane of the larynx (very often the growth occurs in the region of the vocal cords). The progressive growth of these formations can lead to the collapse of the airways of the baby, it is very dangerous!By the time of birth, warts can increase so much that they become a barrier to childbirth, because even the slightest injury to them can lead to serious bleeding.

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