It turns out that mosquitoes know how to choose the most delicious prey.

Among my friends there is a very cute couple who last summer in the countryside suffered a difficultly solvable question: why the head of the family wakes up in the morning with obvious traces of multiple bites, while his wife does not even notice mosquitoes in the bedroom?

History seemed mystical, until they got hold of a recently conducted study. It turns out that mosquitoes really have a preference in choosing a victim!

A group of scientists with absolute seriousness approached the consideration of the problem. As a result, 7 reasons are given that explain the phenomenon.

1.Carbon dioxide attracts mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are able to recognize carbon dioxide at a distance of 164 meters. Women during pregnancy or people with excess weight, for example, allocate it more, and that is why they are more often bitten by mosquitoes.

2.Body temperature.The heat of the heated body is very attractive for midges.Therefore, during sports, we become a real magnet for them.

3.Blood type. According to the study, persons with group I are more at risk of being bitten by insects than people with blood of group II. It should be noted that scientists have considered a limited number of cases. Therefore, this statement is recommended to treat with a skepticism.

However, in the case of my friends, one of them has I blood type and it is he who turns out to be the constant prey of mosquitoes!

4. All the same research has shown that some people secrete secretory substances that allow mosquitoes to recognize the blood group, and then choose the most appetizing prey.

5.The composition of microfloraOur skin is the parameter according to which mosquitoes choose their target.

6. Odor is the primary indicator for mosquitoes that possible prey is nearby.The lactic acid secreted by the body during physical activityespecially attractive and fragrant for Simuliidae, so during physical activity in the open air we find ourselves extremely attractive.

7.Alcohol in the body. The use of alcohol makes us especially appetizing for many species of insects, although no one has yet figured out why!

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