It turns out that with the help of yarn and a hook you can make magnificent accessories.

Knitted ornaments are a pretty brave choice. After all, the accessory must be executed subtly and carefully, to resemble a jewel, and not a children's hack. Choose high-quality thread smooth texture, original shapes and patterns. Crochet can be a scarf-necklace, and these beads. The main outfit is better to choose a discreet, without unnecessary details, advantageously shading the colors of the decoration. Try to avoid fluffy threads containing wool for summer accessories.

Intricate Necklaces

This type of jewelry allows you to use a variety of colors, shapes and patterns. Necklace can be located on the neck or chest, in the latter case, use a chain or pigtail.

Long beads

Vertical lines will visually lengthen the neck. Elements of beads are usually made smaller and detailed, but for special occasions you can wear a large accessory resembling a necklace. Neat knitted beads can be tied to the arm in the form of a bracelet.

Openwork scarves

Incredible hybrid of a scarf and a knitted necklace. Such a scarf will perfectly complement not only a light coat, but also an evening dress.

Elegant bracelets

To make a knitted bracelet not seem to be wound on the hand with threads, use structural forms, decorative fasteners and pendants. You can tie a bracelet in the form of mitts on one hand, making a bet on a more complex pattern.

Brooches and hairpins fancy shapes

As a brooch or barrette, you can use any knitted shapes. Flowers, birds or animals will decorate your clothes and hair. In addition, the individual elements can be used as a pendant or decoration for the original ring.

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