Ivan Okhlobystin earned a home for a large family

The actor was left without vacation, but with his housing.

Okhlobystin has a great track record as an actor and screenwriter, but the actor has never lived in a big way. The house of the family, in which six children, appeared only recently. And it was social housing, that is, not owned by Ivan and his wife Oksana. But soon everything will change. Working without vacation, Okhlobystin managed to collect the necessary amount to buy the house into ownership.

Photo: Arthur Tagirov

“Thank God, by the end of the year I’ll give everything for him,” said the actor Wday.ru. - And then they will go, perhaps, not necessarily, but now the necessary expenses: to pay for tuition, for teachers, because children need to be educated as much as possible. And then, girls grow up here, I want to indulge, to buy some rags. Although the girls are very modest. They dress beautifully, try, but they have never had a fetish that this cloth is better than that. All the time I have my shirts.I swear at them, and Oksana, an insidious woman, says: “Well, what are you fighting about? Just T-shirts smell you. ” And then my father's heart, like a mosaic, is shattered. And I am ready to cry sobbed with happiness and emotion.

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