Jacqueline Kennedy could be a fashion designer

The title of the 60th style icon of Jacqueline Kennedy owes much to the American designer of Russian origin Oleg Cassini. He worked for the Hollywood film studios Paramount and 20th Century Fox, and in 1960 he became a fashion designer for the first lady of the United States: together they created a wardrobe that went down in history. Yesterday, the Doyle auction house put up for sale a lot with sketches of fashionable images made by Cassini and artist Irwin Carabell: it presents sketches, original tissue samples and postscripts with comments from Jacqueline.

Publication by Doyle Historical (@doylehistorical)Nov 2 2017 at 1:20 pm PDT

Publication from Doyle Historical (@doylehistorical)Nov 2 2017 at 1:12 PDT

In one of them, for example, she asks for a "new French material and color" for the dress. Attached to the note is a sample of fabric that Cassini found suitable and sent Jackie to make sure she was pleased with the choice. The above dress Jacqueline wore during the state visit of the Kennedy family to Canada in 1961.

“We have everything: from small sketches and drawings to almost finished illustrations on canvas,” said Peter Costanzo, vice president of the property valuation service.“Jackie received them, took notes in the fields, and returned Cassini and Carabella.” She was very keen on the process of selecting cuts, fabrics and creating images - it looks like she could make a good fashion designer from it. " In some notes, the first lady of the United States is no different from an ordinary woman who wants to look perfect: “no mink,” “make sure the skirt is not too tight,” “make the top look like a Givenchy dress I was in Versailles.” But, as Costanzo notes, over time, Jacqueline’s comments became more and more professional: “By the end, she had already drawn her own sketches and had a good hand in it. Clothes, made according to their sketches, she wore even with more pride. "

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