Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux ended up at the same party.

The last place you want to meet your ex is the party you go to. Fortunately, sometimes miracles still happen: for example, the other day, Jennifer Aniston almost collided with her ex-husband Justin Theroux when they were both invited to the birthday of the son of TV presenter Jimmy Kimmel.

The holiday in honor of Billy, who was one year old, was held at the Kimmelov house in Hollywood. “Jennifer arrived there at 12:15 with her friend, visibly nervous: she knew that Justin was already there. But as soon as she entered the house, Teru was about to leave. Apparently, he had urgent business, - said the source. “True, he spent another forty minutes at the party — chatted with everyone in the living room and in the backyard and looked quite relaxed, which cannot be said about Jen. But in the end they didn’t cross each other. ”

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