Jewelry etiquette wearing rings: rules that must be observed

Rings are considered one of the most ancient types of jewelry. This is associated with many rules of etiquette wearing rings, dating back to ancient superstitions, based on the magical worldview. Today it is one of the favorite types of jewelry for both men and women. And, of course, jewelry etiquette has its own rules, knowing that and observing, you will always look elegant and appropriate.

How many rings should a woman wear?
Each ring has its own beauty, and you can understand those of us who are trying to wear as many rings as possible. However, the rules of etiquette are quite strict with the number of rings on the hands: their total number should not exceed three, and there can be a maximum of two rings on one hand. It is believed that the lady has the right to wear a wedding and engagement ring, as well as another, according to her preference.

The greater number of rings that can be seen on a lady testifies either to her not knowing the rules of etiquette, or to consciously neglecting them. In the first case, when a lady obeys the basic traditions of our society, but tries to wear many rings at the same time, this indicates a lack of taste. The fact is that too many rings on the hands do not allow creating a balanced image, so even a carefully selected wardrobe and accessories to it can be useless if the woman’s hands are lowered with four or more rings.

The second case is more typical for those of us who prefer to lead an original way of life. It is also important to know which finger to wear a ring of one type or another. If you want to decorate your little finger with a ring, remember that you can wear only narrow rings without stones on it. Massive rings with large stones will look very inappropriate on the little finger.

Allowed the possibility in such a ring inconspicuous inclusions (small diamonds), or their decoration engraved, but these elements should not be evident. Unnamed fingers serve as a place for a wedding ring.Specialists in etiquette pay attention to the fact that there are no strict requirements for the wedding ring, but at the same time, it is strongly advised to choose relatively small rings. If you think that a massive ring with a big stone will suit you, then there is a middle finger for it. It is customary to wear rings. For the index fingers, thin rings with a geometric pattern are most suitable, and small stones are also allowed on them. Etiquette also allows for some manifestation of originality within the framework of decency; for this purpose, the thumb is intended, which can be decorated with a massive ring, but without ornaments and stones.

Male etiquette wearing a ring
The number of men's rings and their types, which a man can simultaneously wear, is very limited. The first in popularity is the gold wedding or engagement ring. Most often it is made of yellow gold.

To avoid pretentiousness and look stylish, choose a smooth wedding ring of a semicircular shape — such a shape is relevant at all times. In addition, a man is allowed to wear a maximum of only two rings.One of them is the family coat of arms or signet ring. Ring with the family coat of arms are, as a rule, representatives of the aristocracy. And the signet's difference from the coat of arms is that the initials are engraved on it mirror-like. These rings are put on the ring finger or the little finger of the left hand. They always produce an aristocratic impression.

If the fingers are already wearing an engagement ring and a coat of arms, the stylists are not advised to put on any other decorations. But if there is a great desire to do this, then the only thing else you can decorate your hands is a small ring, which is worn just below the signet. I must say that the stamp and wedding rings, first of all, are symbols, not decorations. That is why some men who love jewelry, wear a diamond ring on their little finger. True, it is also necessary to observe moderation in the dimensions of the stone and the ring in order to adhere to the framework of high masculine style.

How to choose your own ring?
First, do not forget about your age: if you are a young girl, then choose a small, neat ring, and if you want a pebble, then let it be small.It is a small simple ring that will emphasize the freshness of young skin and the tenderness of age.

If you are at a mature age, then you can wander around - wear a large massive ring: such a jewel will tell others that, despite the fact that the lady in front of them is in an elegant age - follow the fashion and for herself she does not cease. Why is this the case with size? Because a small ring on a young hand focuses on the ring, a small ring on the hand of a mature woman ... emphasizes first of all the skin of the hand. And if it is not in the best shape - then it is better to distract the attention of others to a large ring.

The second point is the size of the brushes. If you are the owner of large hands and especially with short fingers, choose large rings with a stone or a pattern of an elongated shape (oval, rhombus, tear, or just an elongated abstraction). At the same time, avoid wide rings that completely cover the area between the joints.

Hand shape
If your hands are quite plump, the original rings of irregular shape will help to make them more visually - especially with corners and zigzags, as well as the already mentioned rings with an elongated design.Rings with a round stone opposite emphasize the plumpness of the brush.

If you have hands with visible joints, also give preference to rings with large stones - they will distract attention from unnecessary volumes. At the same time, try to avoid too thin and small rings - they will be lost on brushes with wide joints, large or plump, which means your efforts to choose jewelry will be in vain.

If you suffer from excessive thinness of the hands, and your fingers are very narrow and thin, then try to wear wide rings with small pebbles, or even without them. The wide ring visually immediately increases the width of the finger.

If you are lucky enough to be the owner of a moderately fine brush of a good shape, then there are practically no restrictions: choose whatever your heart desires.

Is that the owners of the already long fingers should be careful when choosing rings with pebbles in the form of an oval or a drop - this shape can make the fingers even longer.

The basic rules of etiquette rings:
• Do not wear more than one ring on one hand. If you wear one on each - make sure that the decorations are similar to each other.

• Refrain from the bad habit of wearing rings on one hand with different metals and with multi-colored stones. The option when you are wearing a clearly cheap and obviously very expensive ring — at least on one hand, at least on two, is no good at all.

• Bad color - wear diamonds and other very expensive stones by day. But the evening images - the field for action, where you can express yourself in all its glory. Outfits you can decorate with rings of various shapes and sizes, which can be any scattering of stones, even a combination of several colors.

• Cheap jewelry can be worn for girls up to 20. After this milestone, it is better to throw out a scattering of obvious cheap women and purchase one piece of jewelry - from good metal.

• In everyday life, especially if your usual T-shirt / sweater + jeans clothes are better to give up rings with large stones. Prefer thin or wide rings (depending on the size of the brush) completely without those or with small pebbles.

• If you have a strict dress code in your office, stop wearing rings at all. The only exception is a wedding ring - it can be safely worn even in the most strict office.And, by the way, an engagement ring is one of the few that can safely be combined with a huge number of different ornaments.

• And, of course, if you put on a ring, take care of the manicure beforehand: the jewelry will surely draw attention to your brushes. If there is no manicure, then it is better to do not only without rings, but also without bracelets.

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