Just In: Your September Horoscope

September 2019 Horoscope | STYLECASTER
Virgo: August 23–September 22

Romantic relationships and partnerships of all kinds are illuminated by the full moon on the 6th. This is a powerfully intense day when your passions are guaranteed to be stirred, a sensation that lasts through the weekend.

The 5th is noteworthy, as Mercury comes out of his retrograde tailspin. By the 10th, he re-enters your sign, helping you start fresh with clarity. You can now truly move on, so forge ahead on the 16th.

By the 20th, five planets gather in Virgo, bringing attention to personal matters and urging you to focus on yourself. This is an incredible time to make plans and reinvigorate your sense of creativity, so put pen to paper, Virgo.

Illustration: Spiros Halaris
September 2019 Horoscope | STYLECASTER
Libra: September 23–October 22

September kicks off on a highly social note, with camaraderie and dynamic exchanges in your circle of friends. You can indulge in gatherings and the community spirit until the 20th, as your ruler Venus glides through your friendly networking zone. You’ll then be called to focus all your attention on a matter that draws you inward, toward quiet solitude.

Take time out, Libra. You’ll be ready to regroup around personal plans that deserve your attention on the 23rd. Venus will continue to play out of sight, allowing you to indulge yourself privately. The weeks ahead are generally introspective, with planets gathered in your dreamy and cathartic zone of closure. Use them to process old patterns and release.

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September 2019 Horoscope | STYLECASTER
Scorpio: October 23–November 21

Groups and communities are the primary focus of September, Scorpio, so connect with like-minded friends through work or common interests. Your reputation gets a welcome boost from Venus this month; you’re seen by peers as an attractive, influential teammate. The 9th is your power day to connect, while the 18th could see a breakthrough at work.

On the 22nd, the sun retreats into the cathartic area of your horoscope, helping you complete a 13-month cycle of release. Huge developments are due in the months ahead, but for now, shine a light on the last embers of your journey. Note that the full moon on the 6th is highly romantic…

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September 2019 Horoscope | STYLECASTER
Sagittarius: November 22–December 21

With planets riding through the most prestigious area of your horoscope, you can expect more than your five minutes of fame this month, Sagittarius. Career goals and worldly achievements are in the frame, with momentum pushing you forward and stamina holding you steady. Affirm future aspirations on the 20th.

The 13th and 15th are your lucky days for friendly adventure, while on the 22nd, your full focus turns toward your tribe—the community or network of peers that’s grown in the past year or so. It’s an ideal time to circulate; put your favorite group firmly on your radar. Take time out for home on the 6th, as it's a wonderful time to ground your sense of personal security.

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September 2019 Horoscope | STYLECASTER
Capricorn: December 22–January 19
Illustration: Spiros Halaris
September 2019 Horoscope | STYLECASTER
Aquarius: January 20–February 18
Illustration by: Spiros Halaris
September 2019 Horoscope | STYLECASTER
Pisces: February 19–March 20

Get ready for a moment in the spotlight, Pisces! September 6th sees a dreamy full moon in your sign, emphasizing personal progress this year.

Relationships are ignited all month long, with planets energizing partnerships of every kind—business, romantic, family and friendships. You’ll gain a sense of resolution in exchanges, as conversations come full circle and balance resumes.

As the month unfolds, your focus will turn toward what you and others have achieved together, with a new start for your collaborative efforts on the 19th. Resources can arrive from the 22nd, and though sparks fly on the 24th, trust and loyalty deepens. There’s the potential for romance to soar, with a steamy finale on September 30th.

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September 2019 Horoscope | STYLECASTER
Aries: March 21–April 19

Throw yourself into back-to-school vibes with gusto, Aries. September’s your time to get to work, and with your ruler, Mars, lending efficiency and organization to your skill-set, you can stick to a schedule, meticulously ticking off tasks.

There’s a fresh start for your routine on the 20th; prep by making health and wellness top billing. Note one important day to chill: The full moon September 6th puts escapism high on your agenda.

Fun projects are front and center too, and, it’s a wildly amorous time to enjoy yourself. However, when the sun moves into your opposite sign, Libra, on the 22nd, you’ll be exploring established relationships and traversing mutually beneficial territory.

Illustration: Spiros Halaris
September 2019 Horoscope | STYLECASTER
Taurus: April 20–May 20

Reset the dial on romance, Taurus! September’s your time to put love, affection, and fun first. With Venus joining Mars in your amorous corner on the 20th, you can look forward to steamy moments and passionate notions in weeks ahead.

Until then, you’re solidifying trust and unity, bringing a gorgeous touch to your emotional foundations and home spaces. Note that the 13th is a magnificent day for stability and security to ripen, while the 18th brings happy surprises.

The full moon on the 6th puts emphasis on those around you, especially far-reaching connections in wider circles. This is one day to set aside your pleasure-seeking to think of others on your team, so use intuition to guide you.

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September 2019 Horoscope | STYLECASTER
Gemini: May 21–June 21

September lights up the stars in your home zone, bringing attention to domestic matters, family, or close ties. However, until the 10th you have a strong connection with peers and bosom buddies—so circulate like the dazzling social butterfly you are, Gemini! The 6th, 13th, and 18th are especially stellar networking days.

You’ll slow down for true emotional rejuvenation and a fresh start for your foundations around the 20th; then ready yourself for a romantic cycle, which breezes in on the 22nd. The object of your affection will be in full focus and technicolor. Find ways to entertain yourself from basecamp, as you’re still relishing in the comforts of your sanctuary.

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September 2019 Horoscope | STYLECASTER
Cancer: June 22–July 22

The full moon early in September unleashes poetic notions as your most expressive side shows, Cancer. You could be inclined to announce your thoughts, especially in the presence of partners you value most. Important associations are spotlighted during the following weekend.

It’s a month to maximize connections, so take time to align with buddies, siblings, or colleagues. Your role and income is sweetly spotlighted, and opportunities with coworkers will make you smile.

Collaborations are powerfully charged on the 9th; dig deep to discover what you want, affirming your ideas on the 20th. Your usual love of nesting resumes on the 22nd, as the sun glides into Libra, emphasizing growth and expansion at home.

Illustration: Spiros Halaris
September 2019 Horoscope | STYLECASTER
Leo: July 23–August 22

A plethora of planets grace your money zone in September, and whether you’re compelled to spend, save, or really take control of your income, there’s an emphasis on your material realms. Focus on the work you do that reaps rewards and ready yourself for fresh starts.

Resolutions and new beginnings are favored around the 20th, and in the weeks ahead you can ascertain more about the role that brings you tangible rewards. The 13th is especially affirming, and with Venus in your sign until the 19th, your aspects are particularly favorable.

On the 22nd, focus shifts to your gorgeous connections, and you can truly appreciate those around you, including friendships that have blossomed and close community ties.


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