A freebie is something free, and therefore much more pleasant than bought for money or earned by hard work.
The etymology of the word, according to one of the basic versions, comes from the custom of free distribution of milk from Jews.
What are the types of freebies now?
- Free samples of goods in stores,
- Bonuses when paying by bank cards,
- Bonuses of airlines and Russian Railways,
- Discount coupons with the next purchase.
At the same time, freebies are exactly the bonuses that you can spend on what you want, and not “pay no more than 30% of the purchase.”
Frankly, learning freebies is my hobby. I even have a blog on this topic: http://master-of-coin.livejournal.com.
I have received freebies in the following forms:
- gifts in the prize draws (the largest one is the Ferrari bag in the Kaspersky draw).
- points of the hotel chain (spent on four free nights in a hotel in St. Petersburg).
- loyalty points accrued on Svyaznoy Bank and Sberbank cards.
- points of the "Russian Railways Bonus" program (already a couple of free tickets have been received).

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