Kanye West returned to Instagram and dedicated 55 publications to Kim Kardashian

This year Kim Kardashian received a rather unusual greeting on Valentine's Day. Kanye West, who in May deleted all publications in his profile, returned to Instagram - and on February 14 he literally flooded him with pictures of couples of all times and peoples: here you and Madonna with Sean Penn, and Johnny Depp with Kate Moss, and even Jennifer Aniston with Brad Pitt ... If you have not understood yet, these are the relations that Kanye considers the most strong and exemplary. Well, crowned with all this string of archival photographs of pictures, which captured Kim.

“Kimi. My everything ", - signed Kanye. Kim did not remain in debt and replied to her husband with a touching picture, which she signed: “I love you to infinity!” Well, this, of course, cannot be compared to a heart cake that Ryan Reynolds baked for Blake Lively with her own hands, but also pretty cute , true? Most of all, Kanye’s return to the social network was appreciated by his fans: they expressed the hope that he would not disappear again as soon as Valentine's Day was over,and will delight them with new posts at least occasionally.

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