Doll from the nylon "Spring Girl"

Dolls made of capron for a long time are considered an original souvenir. There is a great many of their varieties from the ironic pop doll to the important house doll, designed to bring good luck. Such dolls are distinguished by reasonably affordable manufacturing techniques, however, to create them you need to know some nuances. To make a “Spring Girl” doll, you will need a synthetic winterizer, nylon tights, a pair of eyes, skin-colored threads, fabric and ribbons to create a doll's attire , as well as safety pins for fixing the nylon base of the product. Sew such souvenirs on a similar technology, however, there are many options for skeletons for them. So you can find wire frames, frames made of paper covered with sintepon or bottle frames. I used a bottle frame in my product, since it is the most stable and aesthetically pleasing. You can put some beans or peas in the bottle frame, such manipulation will easily turn your doll into a rattle,bringing happiness and success. Such thundering dolls are called dolls-tryndychihami, more often they are dressed in Russian-folk costumes and attributes of household utensils. Such children, housewives and house wives cause sympathy among the fair sex, serve as a good gift and make any dwelling more comfortable.
 Doll from nylon
Start making sinteponovoy The dolls should be created with the head. To do this, from the nylon pantyhose should be cut socks and heel area, as well as the upper more dense part. The resulting "pipe" is filled with padding polyester. The top of the pantyhose is fastened with threads or tied on a knot. It is very important to prepare a synthetic winterizer, previously before making the head breaking it into small pieces. Next to the head under the kapron we put small balls - these are the future cheeks, nose, forehead and chin.
 Nylon doll
We take up the thread and the needle. Making symmetrical punctures and utyazhki, we form the nose of the future doll. All seams are repeated at least two times, so that the shape of the face is not dissolved.Such dolls are usually made snub-nosed, so do not worry if the nose does not differ in perfect symmetry and correct forms, slight errors are allowed in this case.
Doll from capron
Similarly, we make cheeks and chin.
Doll from capron
Attaching eyes. They can be made independently or purchased in the store. The eyes are perfectly attached to the transparent glue, the main thing is to arrange them symmetrically. Above the eyes we draw eyebrows; it is possible to cut strips from small pieces of nylon that will serve for centuries to the finished eyes. Also, often the creators of these souvenirs resort to the help of false eyelashes.  A doll from a nylon
Hair is best made from woolen threads. Such threads are fixed on the head with the help of thread of flesh-colored color, thus forming a parting.  Kapron doll I attach the head to the bottle cage to safety pins that can will further gently pull out.Also colorless glue is suitable for this procedure. We sew clothes and make pens. The handles are two tubes of fabric, filled with padding polyester.
A doll from capron
Applying make-up, with the help of the most common blush and shadows. Our doll is ready!

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