Keychain from a viscose cloth

Keychains are equally popular with adults and children alike. Although they are not a matter of first necessity, but as a gift they will suit everyone. Children love to cling to the bags of the figures of the beloved heroes of cartoons. Men gladly accept a gift with a keychain with a logo of cars. Well, women really like the key chain for a mobile phone. For some convenience, flashlights are built in for convenience. If we look at key chains, they are often talismans that should bring good luck or a reminder of some pleasant event in the past. In addition, such a key chain brings practical benefits - the keys are easier to find in the bag, and the keys with the key ring are less often lost. Materials and tools: • viscose napkin;
• threads • • paper, felt-tip pens, • cotton wool, • beads (white and black), • scissors.
 Materials and Tools
1. First, make a pattern for horses.On paper, use a felt-tip pen to draw the figure of a fabulous horse. It consists of the head and torso, we don’t draw the legs.
 make a pattern for a horse
2. Cut a pattern out of paper, outlined on a napkin. In this pattern it is not necessary to add on the allowances for stitching. We make two such details.
 Making two such details
3. We cut out from a viscose napkin of a pattern of a horse and we start to stitching. For sewing choose contrasting threads. In the presented crafts for stitching a yellow horse, threads of turquoise are taken.
 Cut from viscose napkin
4. Sew the parts manually. Gently seam together "over the edge." Make sure that the edges of the parts are exactly sewn together.
 We sew parts by hand
5. But we are not sewing it to the end, leaving an unoccupied place (one or two centimeters) to fill the horse. The thread is not cut!
 leave unenclosed place
6. Fill the stitched figure.For filling, you can use ordinary medical cotton wool or more modern fillers: sintepon, holofayber or other materials. The horse is not stuffed tightly, the figure should remain a little flat. We sew a place of filling with a seam “over the edge”.
 Fill the stitched figure
7. Now we proceed to making the legs of the horse. We make them from threads and beads. Strung on a string bead. This thread is engaged for the already sewn seam "over the edge", we cut the thread. We put a bead on the cut edge and tie a thread.
 proceed to the manufacture of the legs
8. Make the front legs and hind legs.
We do front legs and rear
9. In the same way, we make a tail out of the thread: we engage a few threads at the seam, but we do not knit all at once, but two at a time. Threads can be of different lengths.
 we hook a few threads for the seam
10. Mane do, as well as the tail. The threads for the mane and tail are approximately the same in length.But a horse can have both a long and a short mane or a tail.
 Making a Mane
11. Now revive the horse. Sew on small black beads of the eye (you can glue with strong fixation glue).
 Now revive the horse
12. The horse is ready. Scissors need to trim the length of the strands in the tail and mane. Since we make a key chain, then we attach a metal ring to the figure on top. Carefully make a puncture between the ears of the horse and insert the ring.
 The horse is ready
13. We attach the Horse keychain to the keys to the house.
 Keychain from viscose napkin
This keychain from viscose napkin is a simple, but at the same time original crafts . And in the year of the Horse this is especially true!

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