Kitchen corner in modern interior

Modern design idea, which came to us from foreign countries, is the use of kitchen islands. What is it? The island is a table that performs several functions. The table is located in the central part of the kitchen. Thanks to the island it is very convenient to move around the kitchen. Everything is at hand - and the refrigerator, and sink, and SMEG dishwashers. Naturally, the table is not an extremely necessary element of furniture, but still you can't do without it. It increases the comfort, functionality of the room intended for the kitchen. This table is very convenient to approach from all sides.

Islet Relevance

In a small room, the island will be inappropriate. It will clutter up the square. But in country houses and cottages such a kitchen feature is very relevant. The area of ​​the kitchen should not be less than 25 square meters. There are small tables that can be easily moved.Therefore, in the kitchen with an area of ​​15 square meters, it is possible to place such a table. But one should take into account the peculiarity - nearby furniture should not be closer than 1 meter from the table. Ideally, the kitchen table should follow the contours of the room. For example, if the room is square, then the table and it is desirable to acquire a square shape (and if the room is rectangular, then the table is elongated). Medium dimensions of the table: width from 60 to 150 cm, table length more than 120 cm, height 90 cm.


The islet occupies an average of 1-3 square meters of kitchen space and has the following advantages:

1. It is ergonomic. Many useful features, ease of use. Cooking is a pleasure, as everything is at hand. At the table is placed quite a large number of people. 2. It is functional. Kitchen island may well replace a lot of kitchen sets. In addition, do not have to hang the shelves on the walls, as all fit into the kitchen island. In the island can be located: -oven, -electric cooker, -dishwashera car. You can buy a built-in dishwasher in the; -small refrigerator; -shelf for liquor; -separating place; -bar counter; - storage space for dishes, products. 3. It is convenient. At the table you can have breakfast, lunch and dinner in a close family circle or a friendly company. 4. It has a chic and monumental look. The design of the table can be different and have very different colors. For a large kitchen and not very kitchen table in the style of an island is ideal.

Island Installation

The island must be thought out. If you want the table to be equipped with a sink, then you need to take care in advance to redesign the plumbing system. Naturally, this also applies to the installation of an oven (electricity will be required). In order to conduct all necessary communications, it is necessary to raise the floor. And this lesson will take some time. Also an important point is the hood. It should be carried out at the intended location of the island-table. It will require the work of masters.Additional table lighting is a significant event. Since the use and preparation of food should be well lit table. Ideal - the use of LED lamps. They add great light to the room and look attractive.

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