Kitty of paper

Telling the child about animals, it is necessary to stay on whales. This is the largest mammal, especially if we talk about blue whales. You can continue the acquaintance of this animal with the creation of a handicraft - making a blue kitten out of paper using origami technique.
 Kitten from paper
For work, you will need to take a square sheet of blue paper (one-sided must) and a black felt-tip pen.
Kiten from paper
We fold our sheet diagonally.
 Kiten from paper
Then do another fold along another diagonal and unfold square.
 Kiten from paper
Bend the upper right side down (to the middle line), forming a triangle.
 Kiten from paper
Now the same fold is required from the left upper side.  Kiten from paper
There was a fold in the middle,which you need to straighten and bring out.
 Kiten from paper
The resulting fold should be moved to the left side, and then bent to the right, combining the fold with the middle line.
Kiten from paper
Let us turn the blank of the future of the kitten to the other side with a simultaneous rotation of 180 degrees.
Begin to make bends in the upper part. But first we bend on the left side, forming a narrow triangle.
 Kiten from paper
After that we bend on the right side.
Kiten from paper
Once again we fold the right side towards the middle horizontal line.
 Kitten from paper
Expanding the blank Itenka on the other side. Kiten from paper On the left side we bend a corner on the wrong side,thus forming the front part of the kitten.
 Kiten from paper
On the right side we make the tail to our blue whale.
>img src="" alt="Kiten from paper" title="Kitenok from paper">
It remains to draw with a black felt-tip pen on the eye, and our kitten is ready for paper.
 Kitenok from paper

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