Knit knitting socks Moon Rovers

Materials and tools:

  1. DROPS Nepal Garnstudio: 100-150-150 g color No. 0517, medium gray; 100-150-150 g color No. 0501, gray mixture. In a coil weighing 50 grams-170 m yarn;
  2. double-sided and straight needles 6 mm in size - or the size necessary to get a standard sample of 10x10 cm by knitting according to the pattern 13 loops x 17 rows of two-thread hosiery;  
  3. Buttons DROPS BUTTONS No. 538: 4 pcs.

Size:35 / 37-38 / 39-40 / 42, which corresponds to 22-24-26 cm.

Knitting description

It is carried out by simple garter stitching. Let's get started.

Top slipper:

We collect 36-38-40 loops on a double-pointed needle of 6 mm with 1 thread of gray medium color and 1 thread of gray mix. We knit gum according to the scheme 1 front / 1 purl about 10 cm long. &Nbsp;

We knit the foot and the other parts:

We knit the first 9-11-11 loops round the loop, the remaining 27-27-29 loops are removed on the loop holder. We continue to knit round the rubber band by adding 1 loop on each side, it will turn out 11-13-13 loops per circle. When we knit round the 7-8.5-10 cm, we reduce by 1 loop on each side again to 9-11-11 loops. Then we remove from the loop holder the cropped part of the knitting on the knitting needles and knit expanding by 12-14-16 loops on each side ofmid to reach 60-66-72 loops on the needle. Further measurements will be from this place. Insert 1 marker in the middle of the front of the toe and 1 marker in the middle of the back of the heel. We continue to knit a circular gum by 2 cm. We finish knitting the stocking knitting with binding of two face loops together on each side of the marker (a total of 4 loops less in each circle) and further to a size of 3-3-4 cm and close the loops. We sew knitting at the bottom of the foot avoiding thick stitches. &Nbsp;

Free transverse cuff:  

We collect 15-17-17 loops on the needles of 6 mm with 1 thread of gray medium color and 1 thread of gray mix color.  

We knit as follows: 1st garter stitch loop, then * 1 front, 1 purl *, repeat from * - *, finish with 1 facial and 1 garter stitch.  

When the part is 2 cm in length, close the loops for 2 button loops starting from the front: 1 garter stitch, 1 front, 1 iznachnaya loop, remove 1 loop, as for the front knitting, then knit the front, and stretch it through removed, 1 cap, * 1 front, 1 pest *, we repeat from * - * to the last 5 loops, which fit in the following way: 1 cap, 2 front ones. together, 1 purl, 1 face, 1 garter stitch.  

We continue to knit with elastic and garter stitch in each direction to a length of 36-37-38 cm. We close the loops: facial with facial, purl with purl.  

sew buttons or button buttons. We bend the cuff 2 cm down to the foot with the buttons on the outside of the slipper and sew the cuff, on the wrong side, sweat (imperceptibly) if necessary.

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