Carmen's knitted swimsuit

Carmen’s separate swimsuit- we crochet a bright separate swimsuit to go to the beach.

Materials and tools:

  1. yarn (92% microfiber, 8% stretch, 400 m / 100 g) - 150 g red;
  2. hook number 1.5;
  3. black yarn for tying rings
  4. cups for swimsuit (size 80);
  5. 8 rings 25 mm;
  6. 1 ring 32 mm.


  1. rev. - air loop;
  2. Art. b / n - a column without a crochet.



Pattern Description

Knitting description


We knit from the top of the bodice according to scheme 1. Next, we follow the scheme and knit it in a height of 15 cm. We perform the second part in the same way. We sew knitted fabric on swimsuit cups. Then we knit the straps of the bodice. Berm 6 rings 25 mm and tie them - 4 rings with red thread, 2 - black. Sew the rings to the top of the cup, and in the last ring we pass a string to fix around the neck. The inner side of the bodice is tied with black yarn as follows: 5 tbsp. s / n in one loop, 3 loops skip, 5 tbsp.s / n in one loop, etc. On the bottom edge knit art. b / n. Ties on the back knit st. b / n. We attach the thread to the side of the bodice, we collect 10 loops, knit art. b / n, gradually reducing the number of loops to 4, knit these loops to a length of 50 cm.


We collect 20 loops for the crotch and knit art. b / n 4.5 cm. Then knit art. s / n 16 cm, adding in each row one loop on both sides. The back of the bottoms start from the crotch front. To do this, we collect 26 loops, i.e. on each side we immediately add 3 loops. Then knit another 16 cm, adding one loop on each side.


We collect 13 loops and knit a belt 80 cm long according to scheme 2. Berm the remaining rings and tie them: large - red thread, the rest - black.


Fold the belt so that the place of the right side was empty (for sewing rings). We sew to a belt of melting. Sew on the right side of the ring. We tie the top of the belt with a hat elastic band. On the entire edge of the bottoms go through a number of art. b / n without knitting the part where the rings are sewn.

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