Kusudama paper paper balloons

The origami technique is multifaceted, it includes not only the addition of a variety of models from a sheet of paper, but also modular shapes that involve the manufacture of identical elements and then combining them into one whole. It is according to this principle that Kusudama is made, as the flower balls are created from individual elements.

The Japanese word "kusudama" translates as "drug ball." Previously, the Japanese placed various medicinal herbs inside the Kusudams and prevented it from the patient's bed. And nowadays, these magic balls are used simply to decorate and decorate the rooms.

Kusudama ball


Kusudama - photo and schemes how to make

In this master class, I’ll show 5 options - how to make a piece of paper out of paper with step-by-step photos with your own hands.

Openwork ball of paper


These paper balls with a brush can be used to decorate the premises or hang on the Christmas tree.It all depends on your imagination. The openwork ball is very original and beautiful.

To create it you will need the following materials:

  • white strips - 30 pieces (size 4.5x9 cm);
  • blue strips - 30 pieces (size 4.5x9 cm);
  • PVA glue;
  • strong knitting thread.

018 (1)

Work stages:

Take a blue strip of paper and bend it from left to right in half.

018 (2)

018 (3)

Then return to the original position. Thus, the middle of the strip is visible.

018 (4)

The upper left corner of the strip bend up to the middle.

018 (5)

Do the same with the second angle, that is, the right angle. Only it needs to be bent from top to bottom.

018 (6)

Now bend the upper left corner down and the right corner up to the center line.

018 (7)

018 (8)

Repeat steps 3 and 4 again.

018 (9)

018 (10)

Next, bend the workpiece in half.

018 (11)

Now carefully deploy everything to the initial position of the leaf.

018 (12)

Take a white paper blank and bend in half.

018 (13)

018 (14)

Then pull back about 0.5 - 0.7 mm down and bend again.

018 (15)

Carefully fold the accordion leaf to the middle.

At the end of the last time you do not need to bend the corrugation, the protrusion should remain.

018 (16)

018 (17)

018 (18)

With the second side of the blank, do the same. The result should be like this.

018 (19)

Now you need to bend the lower left and upper right corner.

018 (20)

On the reverse side, the billet looks like this.

018 (21)

Next, take the blue blank and put a white corrugation in the middle.

018 (22)

Then bend on both sides along the intended lines.

018 (23)

018 (24)

All the detail we bend along the lines of the blue blank. It ends up like this.

018 (25)

018 (26)

018 (27)

018 (28)

The white center should be glued together with white glue.

018 (29)

There should be 30 such pieces.

018 (30)

Now build the ball. Take one module and grease the glue pocket near the corrugation.

018 (31)

Glue the second module in the same way as in the photo.

018 (32)

So glue together 5 blanks.

018 (33)

018 (34)

018 (35)

Continue to glue the side modules in a circle until a ball is formed.

018 (36)

kusudama-azhurnyi-shar (1)

kusudama-azhurnyi-shar (2)

kusudama-azhurnyi-shar (3)

kusudama-azhurnyi-shar (4)

kusudama-azhurnyi-shar (5)

At the end make a brush and attach to the ball.

kusudama-azhurnyi-shar (6)

Here is such a beautiful and original openwork ball of paper. It can be used simply to decorate the interior.

In addition, this craft can be done with children and attract them to work.

kusudama-azhurnyi-shar (7)

kusudama-azhurnyi-shar (8)

Sonobe Ball

This Kusudama is perfect for a beginner. It consists of only 30 modules that are very easy to fold.

Kusudama ball

For work, you will need 30 paper squares with sides from 8 to 10 cm. It is very convenient to use sheets of blocks for records, but you can cut squares from colored paper. In this embodiment, 8.5 cm squares are taken in five different colors.

sonobe-shar (20)

Let's start the module folding. Take a square of paper and fold it in half.

sonobe-shar (2)

Expand and re-fold the edges towards the midline.

sonobe-shar (3)

On opposite sides, bend the corners to the first horizontal line.

sonobe-shar (4)

Bend the corners again.

sonobe-shar (5)

Add the sides to the center of the square.

sonobe-shar (6)

Make two diagonal folds.

sonobe-shar (7)

Repeat the action in a different direction to get such a pattern of lines.

sonobe-shar (8)

Turn away one side of the workpiece and put a corner there.

sonobe-shar (9)

Return the bend into place.

sonobe-shar (10)

On the other hand, we fill the edge of the paper into the formed pocket to make a diamond.

sonobe-shar (11)

Bend the diamond in half.

sonobe-shar (12)

Triangle fold to the center of the module.

sonobe-shar (13)

Do the same with the other edge. Module is ready.

sonobe-shar (14)

When all 30 pieces have been assembled, we proceed to the assembly of the kusudams. We slip the corner of one part into the pocket of another.

sonobe-shar (15)

We form a pyramid of three modules.

sonobe-shar (16)

In the future, when assembling, we focus on the "asterisk" of the five pyramids. This is how the correctly assembled side of Kusudama should look like.

sonobe-shar (17)

We continue to collect. If the modules were made carefully, then everything will turn out smoothly and without glue. The last 2-3 modules are difficult to insert.Make sure your creation does not fall apart.

sonobe-shar (18)

Our craft with your own hands is ready.

sonobe-shar (19)

You can decorate it with a ribbon or tassel and attach a loop for hanging. And you can leave it like that.

sonobe-shar (21)

Kusudama flower bells "Bells"

Bells are very beautiful flowers. They can be easily made from paper and made in the form of a ball. This will help a little-known technique, which is called kusudama. At first glance, it may seem that the work is very complicated, but it is not. If you follow the instructions clearly, you can make such a ball quickly and easily.

Kusudama flower ball Jingle bells

Required Materials:

  • 8x8 cm paper squares - 60 pieces;
  • PVA glue;
  • clips;
  • knitting thread;
  • big bead.

26 (2)

Step by step scheme for making a Kusudam ball

01. Take one blank, that is, a square and place it with a sharp angle upward to make a diamond.

26 (3)

2. Now bend the workpiece from bottom to top horizontally.

26 (4)

3.Further bend the lower left corner to the center. Do the same with the second angle.

26 (5)

26 (6)

4. Then fold the left half in half from top to bottom.

26 (7)

5. Bend the right half of the workpiece down. Then bend it in half.

26 (8)

26 (9)

6. Now fold the left corner of the module to the right, so that they do not overlap each other, but just touch.

26 (10)

7. Hide the right corner of the module, as shown in the photo.

26 (11)

26 (12)

8. Upper triangle that extends beyond the blank line, bend down.

26 (13)

9. Next, bend the triangle back and hide inside the workpiece. Module is ready.

26 (14)

26 (15)

26 (16)

10. Such blanks need to make 60 pieces.

26 (17)

11. Each flower consists of five modules. They must be glued in a circle. To lock them, they must be stapled.

26 (18)

26 (19)

26 (20)

12. There should be 12 flowers in total.

26 (21)

13. All billet bells should also be glued together with glue and fastened with clips.

26 (22)

26 (23)

26 (24)

14. Glue the rest of the flowers in a circle and form a ball.

26 (25)

26 (26)

26 (27)

26 (28)

15. Make a brush out of knitting thread.

26 (29)

16. After the ball dries out and the parts hold tight, remove the staples and, through any hole in the ball, stretch the brush and fix it with a large bead. Kusudama ball "Bells" is ready.

26 (30)

26 (31)

Here you can make such a beauty with your own hands. Such a ball can be hung on a window or on a wall in a room. Also, they can decorate even a Christmas tree. It all depends on your imagination and preferences.

26 (32)

Flower in the technique of kusudam with your own hands

Workshop on making such a bright Kusudam flower out of paper.

cvetok-kusudama (2)

For work, you will need a colored sheet of paper, some object for drawing circles, a pencil, scissors, white glue.

cvetok-kusudama (3)

On paper, we draw six identical circles and cut them out.

cvetok-kusudama (4)

Fold one of the circles in half.

cvetok-kusudama (5)

Let's unfold it, then on one of the halves it is necessary to make a fold in the middle.

cvetok-kusudama (6)

Turn the blank over to the other side and form small grooves in the upper part.

cvetok-kusudama (7)

On one fourth of the circle from the edge we will apply some PVA glue.

cvetok-kusudama (8)

Connect this part of the circle, then apply glue to another quarter of the circle.

cvetok-kusudama (9)

We glue it, our workpiece has acquired the following form.

cvetok-kusudama (10)

This is one of the petals on the front side.

cvetok-kusudama (11)

By the same principle we make 5 more petals.

cvetok-kusudama (12)

We begin to glue these elements together. We will apply a strip of glue on one of them.

cvetok-kusudama (13)

Connect this petal with another.

cvetok-kusudama (14)

We continue to glue them together, we end up with a flower.

Flower in the technique of kusudam with your hands

The flower in the technique of Kusudama is ready!

cvetok-kusudama (16)

Kusudama Super Bowl Video Lesson

The technique of origami is becoming more and more popular every day. And this is not surprising. After all, with its help, you can create masterpieces of paper. Such a process is so exciting that it is even impossible to convey in words. Of course, to create crafts requires a lot of time and materials. But such work brings pleasure, including aesthetic.

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