Kylie Jenner is the youngest billionaire in the world.

Experts have calculated how much she would have earned if she had not been a star.

In less than three years, the beautiful Kylie earned more than 900 million dollars and got on the cover of Forbes magazine as the youngest and richest girl in America. The main source of its income was the cosmetic brand Kylie Cosmetics. In addition, Jenner earned on joint campaigns with brands Puma and PacSun, as well as through work on television.

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A few years ago, Kylie, looking at the success of the older sisters, thought: what would she like to do in life? And quickly found the answer, because the girl from childhood was almost obsessed with makeup.

“From the sixth grade, I adore painting to be more confident,” said Jenner Jr. in an interview. She honed her makeup skills with videos on YouTube and was not afraid to experiment.As a result, after long conversations and discussions with her mom, Chris Jenner, she decided to take the risk and invest family money in launching her makeup collection. The success was incredible: the first lipstick and shadows from Kylie bought up in 30 seconds.

Kylie jenner
Photo: Getty Images
Kylie jenner
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By the way, Chris Jenner still manages the assets of Kylie (as well as all his children, by the way). Of course, not just like that, but as a percentage of profit. Last year, Kylie paid her mother $ 17 million. But for now, Chris is still far from his daughter, who is about to overtake even Zuckerberg in the Forbes rating.

How much is the state of the Jenner-Kardashian family estimated?

Chris Jenner: 60 million dollars

Caitlin jenner: 100 million dollars

Courtney Kardashian: 35 million dollars

Kim Kardashian: 350 million dollars

Chloe Kardashian: 40 million dollars

Kendall Jenner: 18 million dollars

Not so long ago, Western media together with experts conducted an amusing study. They suggested: what would the members of the Jenner-Kardashian family do if their television career suddenly ended? Or did not start at all? It is clear that in the current situation, they may not work for a day until the end of life, and there is enough money for their children and grandchildren. But if you dream up?

According to a marketing research agency, 39-year-old Courtney would be the richest thanks to a bachelor's degree. She would receive a salary of 45 thousand pounds (about 3.7 million rubles) annually as a brand manager or interior designer. Kim, the most famous sister, would earn less - 31 thousand pounds (2.5 million rubles) - she would, judging by the skills and abilities, would become a specialist in social networks or a personal shopper. For comparison: to get her current state, she would have to work 4 thousand years.

Kendall Jenner would have worked like a model, only her income would be about 25,900 pounds (2.1 million rubles). But Chloe theoretically predicted a career as a writer with a salary of 27,900 pounds (2.3 million rubles).

Well, Kylie, judging by her skills, education and resume, would become the manager for the development of some business, experts suggested. Of course, not own and, of course, without billions in revenues. Being an ordinary (albeit smart and beautiful) girl, Kylie would get about 29 thousand pounds (2.4 million rubles) per year.

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