Ladybug girl handbag

handbag felt Ladybug
The last few years have seen a significant increase in the popularity of felt accessories. All kinds of key chains, cosmetic bags, baskets and handbags are in demand both in women and in little fashionistas. At the peak of popularity today made of felt, imitating animal figurines or plants, girls' handbags. An interesting version of this product is the Ladybug bag presented in two contrasting colors. You can get acquainted with the process of its self-production in this master class. To create such an accessory you will need:
  • sheets of red and black felt;
  • silicone glue in a special gun;
  • scissors.
 felt bag Ladybug
Handbag consists of two pairs of symmetrical parts,templates of which you first need to cut out of paper.
 handbag made of felt Ladybug
felt ladybug felt bag
The basis of the handbag, that is, the trunk of the insect with paws, is recreated from black felt in two copies. The upper part, imitating the wings of a ladybug, is cut out of red felt in the same quantity.
 handbag made of felt Ladybug
 a handbag made of felt Ladybug
Two stripes are prepared from black felt: first, the width of which can reach up to 10 centimeters, will connect the handbags of the handbag, the second one, up to 3 inches wide It will become the handle of the product.
 handbag made of felt Ladybug
The process of assembling an accessory Having finished the preparation of all the necessary parts of the handbag, you can start assembling it the following sequence: 1.With the help of silicone glue, the red upper part is attached to the black felt base of each panel of the future handbag.
 handbag made of felt Ladybug
 handbag made of felt Ladybug
2. Along the inner edge of one of the panels a thin stripe of silicone glue is applied with a thin strip, on which a wide felt stripe sits on the edge.
 Ladybug felt bag
3. In the same way, turning the product opposite side up, carefully fasten the second felt panel. These operations should be carried out carefully, so that the silicone glue that goes beyond the felt does not spoil the product while freezing. Its surplus can be removed immediately with the sharp edge of the stack or scissors.
 handbag made of felt Ladybug
4. The last one is attached to the handle. To do this, about a centimeter of each end of the narrow felt strip is plentifully lubricated with silicone glue,after which the edge of the handle joins the center to the inner part of the wide strip.  ladybug handbag
The original handmade handmade handbag will become your favorite everyday accessory for girls , which certainly will find him proper use, will serve for her toys or the necessary trifles.

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