Laminate from the range is amazing

A wooden flooring consisting of three layers - the base plate, the decorative layer and the protective film - is a laminate. It is created from completely eco-friendly materials, which earned love from millions of hosts around the world, especially in Europe and the USA. On the website you will find laminate, whose assortment is so wide that it has no equal in the Belarusian market. The catalog carefully selected products only the most popular and reliable brands, characterized by the following advantages:

  • quality - will serve you for decades;
  • variability - hundreds of different colors and patterns;
  • ease of care - just brush the dust once every couple of weeks
  • ease of installation - lay the laminate on the old floor, with this there are no problems;
  • certification - each product has a declaration of conformity and meets international requirements.

Laminate by Paul's Idea

It is difficult to find a floor, it is more effective than a laminate, because it is suitable for a house, an apartment, and an office, and ideally fits into financial opportunities, both families and businesses, because the price per square meter starts from just 21 rubles.

Germany - the birthplace of quality flooring

And that's why experts of company selected the best brands representing this state. Among them, one of the leading positions is occupied by the German laminate Kaindl, which although considered one of the elite (prices for it fluctuate in the range of 50-80 rubles per square meter), fully corresponds to its reputation, because:

  • made of alpine pine;
  • the base plate is as strong as possible and can withstand maximum loads;
  • a high level of moisture resistance allows the installation of such floors in the kitchen and bathroom
  • any type of this laminate has a thirty-year warranty from the manufacturer;
  • The outer film is resistant to ultraviolet rays.

German laminate of the Kindle

Also, often this brand produces its products with four layers, instead of the standard three - another protective plate is installed to increase strength, durability and insulating qualities.

Both Germany and its products have been considered a synonym for quality and efficiency for many years, and Kaindl laminate fully confirms this view. If you need a perpetual flooring, then the products of this brand are just what you are looking for.

The choice is the main thing

There are not so many reliable and convenient stores on the territory of Belarus where you can find such a popular laminate. But is an exception - on the company's website you can discover a full-fledged world of flooring, because:

  • the catalog includes dozens of popular manufacturers;
  • all goods have certificates of quality and compliance with international standards;
  • prices are reasonable - from 21 to 80 rubles / m2 - for any budget;
  • there is a nationwide delivery service
  • A staff of specialists can install laminate or prepare the floor.

Adequate and qualified managers, and a convenient ordering and payment system will make the purchase even faster and more comfortable. Shop will become your favorite after the first visit.

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