Lamp from the book "Uncoveredbook"

The lamp from the book "Opened Book"is a simple master class, we do an amazing lamp with our own hands in the form of an open book.

Materials and tools:

  1. big hardcover book;
  2. lace (rope);
  3. drill and drill;
  4. plafond, wire, switch;
  5. office knife;
  6. metal plate or bracket.

Step 1

Let's take a book, from the side of the spine we will draw a rectangle, the size of the cover. If you use LEDs or LED strip, then cut will have quite a bit. After drawing a rectangle, cut it with a stationery knife - all this is done from the back of the book.

Step 2

The next step is to assemble the luminaire - connect the cover, switch, wire and plug, and attach it to the bracket for fastening to the book.

Step 3

Install the bracket with the lamp in the back of the book - in the space between the cover and the sheets of the book with a drop of glue and install the bracket.

Step 4

Drill holes for the lace, for this we note the place for the hole, approximately, stepping back 1-2 cm from the corners of the book. Drill holes. Take the rope (lace), open the book to measure the length of the rope, then cut off the excess and tie the knots at the ends of the rope.

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