Complex of landscaping works

In the process of landscaping homestead plots, includes the preparation of soil for planting, selection of planting material, as well as planting shrubs, trees, planting beds, sowing lawn grass and further care for all greenery.

Literateis the basis of almost all landscape designs in the garden plots, so our company takes its implementation very seriously.

Our task is not only to plant various plants, but also to ensure that all plantations for a long time can please with their appearance the hosts living on this site.

Work package

Before we start planting a lawn, we take into account the microclimate of the area, we analyze the soil, its properties and features, and based on the data obtained, a plan of gardening is being developed.

Our specialists will help you choose plants that harmoniously fit into the landscape taking into account all the wishes of customers, as well as help with the purchase and ensure their delivery to the destination.

They will give a detailed consultation on how to properly care for the plantings, and, if necessary, will assist in their care.

Our company offers the following services:

1. Making the most different types of flower gardens.

2. Planting trees, shrubs, as well as their transplantation.

3. Planting a hedge.

3. Care for all green areas.

Landscaping of a plot

It begins with its preparation, while stubbing up old stumps, removing stones, building debris, and adding fertile soil if necessary.

Territory planning is in progress. The site is given the desired profile. The pits are filled up, the hills are leveled and the bulk soil is rammed, and the flow of thawed snow or rainwater and irrigation water is taken into account.

After planning, a plant layer is prepared, which is saturated with substances useful for plants. Minerals should be sufficient in the soil, such as potassium, phosphorus, nitrogen, calcium and other fertilizers.

As soon as the preparation of the soil made the next stage of planting all pre-selected plants. At your request, our experts can pick up plants for the garden, which will delight their bloom almost all year round.Masters will make the selection of plants in such a way that the peak of their flowering will occur in different time periods.

The integrity of the landscape composition is achieved through a harmonious combination of size, color and structure of plantations.


It should be remembered that the correct design of landscape design can be made only by an experienced specialist. Therefore, in order to get a truly beautiful and harmonious gardening of your site, we recommend that you entrust this is not a simple matter to real professionals who are in our company.

After the full planting of greenery, our company can provide full care for all planted plants to maintain their beauty and durability.

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