Caskets made of leather

This box is quite suitable for storing various small items, as well as the original packaging for a gift, as well as itself can serve as a gift. This is one of those products that allow you to get the joy of creativity in the process of their manufacture. As a basis, we use a coil from scotch or yarn. We also need cardboard, a pencil, scissors, ruler, rubber glue and pieces of leather or suede. For finishing from the inside, you can use paper of the same color or fabric. Let's cut the bottom: let's circle the coil outside with a pencil. We glue it by smearing the end of the coil and the edge of the bottom with glue and slightly drying it.
 Leather Casket
Next, we start working with leather. In our version of the square used thin suede. It will give the box additional strength and make it possible to make a more accurate transition from the bottom to the side surface. Put the casket in the center of the square glued with glue and stretch the corners, glue them to the side surface. Suede at the same time gathers in the folds - distribute them evenly.You can put an additional layer of glue and lay them properly, without haste.
 Leather Casket
Then you need to fill the remaining empty places. Try to pick up pieces of leather that are the same in thickness - then your product will look neater.
 Leather casket
Use a simple pencil to cut pieces that fit in size - just apply them from above and circle around the protruding edge of the already glued suede. Now you need to make a lid. Cut a strip and two circles (as cut out for the bottom). It is better, that the cardboard was not thick and rough, it is more convenient for work with glue. On the strip we make a scoring line with the help of a ruler and a sharp object (it is convenient to use the edge of scissors or the blunt side of the knife, but do not cut through). Fold the strip along the drawn line, and then cut the triangles on it.
 Leather casket
Glue the teeth and the end of the strip with glue, wrap it around the casket and fasten it overlap.Also paste on top all the teeth (on the circle previously laid on top).
 Leather Casket
Then paste the second cooked circle on top - you got the base of the lid. Then you can apply the same technique as when pasting the bottom - put the edges of the glued leather on the side surface of the cover. If you cover the lid with small pieces in the form of a mosaic - try to act in the same way so that the transition of the planes is closed entirely. Now you can paste the inner surface - and the box is ready.  Leather box

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