Leather zip pouch

From an old leather fabric, you can sew a nice handbag that will protect objects from getting wet (melting snow and rain), and this bag will look beautiful. Making this bag will take you one week and you will need it for : brown and black leather fabric, black threads, scissors, zipper, button or button, beads (the color of beads can be chosen at will), braid and additional decoration in the form of an artificial bow (to hide a button or button). Starting work, we prepared The materials and tools needed for the first part of the work: threads, scissors, fabric and clasp.
 Leather handbag with a zipper
Brown leather fabric we have presented in the form of a single large oval shape cut into two parts. These two figures need to be sewn with three pieces of black fabric, one of which is made as a bottom, and the other two are made with side details.The width of the lower sides of the side pieces must coincide with the width of the bottom part, and their upper sides should gradually narrow. If you sew a handbag in this way, it will be more spacious. But first we need to sew two half-oval brown details with the bottom detail:  Leather handbag with a zipper
The bottom part has an additional layer of fabric making its denser. This is how three stitched details look on the other side:  Leather handbag with a zipper Next we sew the side details. We will have to sew a zipper on the sections of the upper sides of these parts, and the sections of the seam allowance can be made from 0.5 cm wide:
Leather handbag with a zipper
We sew the details of the sides with the three sides of the future handbag as follows:
 Leather handbag with a zipper
All seams we make on the wrong side the future of the bags.You can make seams with a sewing machine, and if you do not have it, you can manually:  Leather handbag with a zipper At the end of stitching the craft you need to turn out from the inside out, then sew a zipper on top, cutting off an extra piece of brown semicircular leather fabric and leaving some fabric as a seam allowance:

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