Pictures of genuine or artificial leather - a great way to decorate the interior. They, made by hand, are an original gift for mother, for example, for the holiday of March 8. To create a still life “Bouquet. Callas ”will need: thick cardboard, self-adhesive paper, pieces of leather or its substitute, yellow yarn, waterproof glue, toothpicks, wire and scissors. At the beginning of the work it is necessary to make a pattern of paper. In the album we draw the necessary number of petals and leaves. The size of the parts is chosen arbitrary, corresponding to the parameters of the base of the cardboard base.
 draw sketches on paper
Transfer the paper patterns to the skin, cut out the parts of the flower.
 We transfer paper patterns to the skin
Half of a cotton swab is smeared with glue, wrapped in yellow yarn. The end of the thread is cut off.Staple ready.
 wrapped in yellow yarn
We continue to work with the petals. A piece of wire paste on the edges of the skin. In the future, such an action will facilitate giving the flower or leaves the desired shape.
 paste on the edges of the skin
Get the result.
Get the result
The top of the workpiece must be carefully cut off, that is, remove excess skin. The wire at the base is left. We glue the stamen in the middle of the petal and use the wire to wrap the edges of the flower inwards.
 wrap the edges of the flower inside
You should have such buds.
At the next stage, we will give the leaves a relief form. To do this, apply glue along the pattern and bend the sheet in half.
 bend the leaf in half
Leave the central vein to dry.
 leave to dry
In the same way you can select other veins.If you wish, we glue the wire around the edges of the pattern and get a convex sheet.
 paste the wire
Go to the bottom of the picture. The surface of the cardboard is decorated with a self-adhesive film. There was no one piece of film, so we work carefully with two strips.
 Go to the bottom of the picture
decorate with self-adhesive film

When the background is ready, we attach the details. From a distance, we appreciate the big picture. It may be necessary to add or subtract the number of colors, change their location.
 attach details
Attention! The responsible moment is the staining of the stems and leaves. When creating paintings from the skin of a craftsman, acrylic paint is usually used. Here, not an ordinary professional case, but amateur performance. We will use gouache and watercolor. So that the paint is not taken to the hands, we prepare a solution for it from water, vinegar and salt (2: 1: 1).We moisten the brush and paint the leather substitute.
 number of colors
Leaves leaves to dry for 8-12 hours.
 Wet the brush and paint the kozhzamen
Not bad, right? At the final stage we glue the parts to the base. We start with flowers and stems.
 Start with flowers and stems
Starting with flowers and stems By the way, you forgot to tell about the frame. We will make it out of leather rectangles. First, cut pieces of about 0.5x1.5 cm in size. Then we make strips with scissors, imitating fringe.
 imitating fringe
We start to glue the frame from the bottom right corner, gradually moving up .
 sticking fringe
Making the lower and upper bounds. We finish the work by gluing the fringe on the left edge of the cardboard base.The frame is ready.
sticking fringe
It remains to add to the colors of the leaves. We choose the best location for the greenery and take on the glue. Attention! To make the surface of the skin relief will help the flame. If you hold the edge or middle of the petal above the fire, bulging tubercles will appear. With a leather substitute, such a trick will not work.
 Picture of leatherette
So, all the details are dry. This was a picture of leatherette “Bouquet. Callas ".
 Painting leatherette
Simple and original. Mom or girlfriends will love the picture.

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