Lemon juice for hair

Lemon juice for lightening hair

There are several recipes for lightening hair with lemon juice. You can use for this purpose as a pure lemon juice, and juice with honey. In the first case, simply apply the juice of one lemon on the hair and let it dry. Of course, the results of clarification will be insignificant, but at the same time remember that the harm from such clarification will be minimal.

An excellent means for lightening hair is lemon juice with honey. Three Art. l honey combine with the juice of one fruit and apply on hair for the night. Be sure to wrap your head with a towel, and in the morning just rinse off with water.

Using lemon juice for hair, remember one very important rule - thoroughly wash your head. The fact is that when dried, citric acid turns into a powder, which makes hair unpleasant to the touch.

Lemon juice for hair - recipes for use

On how to use lemon juice for lightening hair, we described a little higher, but you can use this tool to treat hair.Lemon juice is a means to strengthen, restore hair, as well as a tool that will help make hair more obedient. By the way, lemon juice is a great tool for oily hair.

There are universal masks for any type of hair that have a restorative effect. For example, a mask of lemon juice and herbs. For its preparation you will need one tablespoon of Hypericum, nettle and chamomile. Make a mixture of 200 ml of boiling water and leave for 2 hours. Strain the infusion and squeeze the juice of one lemon into it. Apply to hair and leave for 30-40 minutes, then rinse and wash hair as usual.

A good effect gives a mask of olive oil and lemon juice. This tool is used for split ends. But if the hair is badly damaged, then you can apply the composition along the entire length. Mask need to keep on hair for about an hour.

For oily hair, a mask made of protein and lemon is very suitable. Moreover, such a mask will not only relieve hair from fat, but also stimulates their growth. It is very easy to prepare such a mask - mix the juice of one lemon and the white of one egg and apply the mixture on the hair roots. Keep the composition on the hair 25-30 minutes, and then wash as usual.

Burdock oil is one of the best hair products. And in combination with honey and lemon juice, this tool can be used to treat severely damaged hair. To enhance the effect wrap the hair with a towel for half an hour.

By the way, lemon juice can be used as a conditioner for colored hair or simply add it to the shampoo for hair shine.

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