Let Julia sing! Vodianova collects signatures for Samoilov

50 thousand people left their names under the petition.

It would seem that no one has any questions about Russia's participation in Eurovision 2017. After the sudden ban on Yuli Samoilova’s entry into the territory of Ukraine and the offer to participate in the competition remotely, Russia made it very clear that we would not tolerate such an attitude.

Representatives of Channel One and VGTRK announced that, most likely, we will skip the vocal competition this year (Russia will not participate and broadcast the event on television). But next year we will send to “Eurovision” exactly Yulia.

Photo: change.org

But it seems that what happened to the Russian singer in a wheelchair shocked not only us, but also people from other countries. On March 27, statements by German politicians appeared in the media who suggested that Germany should boycott the competition.

A day later, on March 28, Natalya Vodyanova joined the struggle for justice, a model that is known throughout the world for its activities aimed at protecting special children.

On the website for collecting signatures Natalya Vodyanova published a petition titled “Let Yulia Sing!”

“This year's Eurovision Song Contest puts particular emphasis on inclusive values ​​and respect for diversity. This is a wonderful mission, and the more it touches the discrepancy between the claimed and the real, turning the Eurovision contest into Euro-hating, the supermodel stated in the petition’s description. - I do not participate by myself and never call for political discussions, including now, I speak about one main truth - about love. We humans must protect and support each other. We must try, through pain, suffering, alienation, and even hatred to strive to love each other. When we reject or disregard the rights of any person regardless of their nationality and capabilities, we, as a large society, expose ourselves and show that we can be manipulated and controlled in this way. ”

Photo: change.org

Vodyanova called on all concerned to take part in the petition.

“Each signature on this petition will become not only a word in support of justice, but a voice against the hostility of our peoples, against political games and manipulations, in support of all our friends and relatives on both sides of the border, in the name of peace and love,” she writes.

It is worth noting that the words of Natalia Vodyanova were heard. To date, the petition has already been signed by more than 50 thousand people. And among them are not only people from Russia, but also from Italy, France and Ukraine.

In the comments, campaigners say that they are voting not only for Yulia, but also for peace, against hostility.


Joseph Prigogine: “A bearded woman is great, but is Samoilov not a format?”

Words of support addressed to the Russian singer Yulia Samoilova a lot has been said lately. But one of the brightest, no doubt, was the speech of the famous producer Joseph Prigogine.

"... How can you not allow a girl with disabilities to sing? Where is tolerance? So the bearded woman is great, Madonna defending Pussy Riot is also, well, same-sex love, of course, but not disabled on stage! I would like so that this situation would attract the attention of the world show business and stand up for Yulia.

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