Light pink crochet stole

Light pink palatine crochet
How to tie a stole on which no more than 100 grams of yarn will be spent? How to tie a tippet that will air decor for a dress or suit, will decorate a set of clothes, even on very warm days, without creating a steam room? How to tie a tippet fast enough, using his knitter skill, but without spending too much time on it? It seems that such questions often arise in the masters or those who try, experiment with a variety of knitted models. Also, for those who need to quickly make a gift, urgently add a decorating accessory to an evening dress, spend a small residue of beautiful yarn. This model is especially for you, it will pleasantly surprise on the one hand the relative simplicity and speed of production, on the other hand it will become an attractive, non-trivial and noticeable thing in the wardrobe. The highlight of the proposed pallet is that it is almost weightless,very air binding, which will serve decorative purposes. The pattern chosen for the central part of the palatine is called "chain-link", because It really resembles the structure of the metal mesh of the chain-link. The pattern is not complicated, but insidious, you need to carry it out with a confident hand, so that the canvas is a single whole, otherwise it will look ugly, in the sock it can skew, lose shape.
 Light pink palette crochet
We will give the dimensions for the model (knitting your model you can change the sizes, observing the pattern of knitting): length of the stole is 120 cm. The width of the palette is 45 cm.
 Light pink tippet crochet
Initially, we recruit 55 bp (the number of loops should be a multiple of 5), far 2 CP for lifting. We knit the 2nd row completely with double crochets. Then we make a drawing according to the scheme * 3 st. With a crochet in each loop of the lower row, 2 vp *. In the next row, the pattern is shifted: * 3 lines with a crochet in the ce. the bottom row, 2in.p. double crochet bars *. We perform 50 rows,observing the drawing.
Easy pink crochet stole
 Easy crochet pink palatine
 Light pink crochet tippet
 Light pink crochet stole
then proceed to the obliging details. Strapping is performed in 3 rows with double crochets. For each corner loop, we knit it for 3 corners.
 Easy pink crochet tippet
The following three rows are performed according to the" cell "scheme: * 3 st.s nakidom, 3 vp *. By the same scheme, two more rows are performed, shifting the cells in a checkerboard pattern. After three rows of cells, we tie around the contour with one row of crochets to go to the next picture.
 Light pink crochet tippet
The final trim of the tippet should give the edge a wavy look. The following knitting scheme is used for this: 2 incl.for lifting, then repeating rapport * 2 tablespoons with a crochet into each loop of the lower row, 5 VP, 2 tablespoons with a crochet into each loop of the lower row *. We get a small loop around the contour. Corner loops knit on 5 vp in each. For lifting we always use 2 VP
 Light pink crochet tippet
Cut the thread and tie a thin, inconspicuous knot on the last row of the canvas.
 Light pink crochet
It turns out a very delicate, almost weightless openwork tippet of a rather large size, which took about 80 grams of yarn! You will be pleased to wear it in any season.
 Easy pink crochet stole
 Easy pink crochet tippet
Most often admitted errors when knitting products such sparse air knitting. 1. Wrong tool selected. If you apply a hook of a non-suitable number, the product will turn out to be unsteady, will not hold the shape, will be deformed. We used a rather thin yarn of 430 m per 100 g. This means that the maximum allowed hook number is N4.With such a crochet hook, it turns out to be airy, but not too loose. In this case, you need to have a fairly confident hand, so as not to tighten and not loosen the loop in the knitting process. Knitting should be very uniform. 2. Loss of loops on the edges of the product. With this netting pattern, it is easy to lose count by completing the row. As a result, it is possible to narrow or wide the canvas, which is unacceptable. Therefore, be careful, periodically straighten the canvas, check the correctness rapports. 3. When the fabric is highly sparse and has a mesh structure, it is desirable to create "hardness lines" that will support the structure of the fabric. It is not recommended to make the mesh cloth wider than 30 cm so that it does not sag later.

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