It has long been proven the power of the game of light in terms of organizing comfort and coziness in the house. Sconces, floor lamps, lamps - each of these lighting devices creates a unique contribution to the overall surroundings of the apartment. Sometimes, looking at a truly interesting and non-standard thing, we mentally try on it to the interior of our house. And no matter where you saw the masterpiece you liked - visiting friends, in a store, at an exhibition or found in the vast expanses of the Internet. If the thought that this lamp is the only thing that you currently lack for complete happiness, gnaws endlessly and wants to live, then there is a great way out - try to create it yourself. Moreover, most often, for a creative experiment, you can use the most simple objects and unnecessary things, to no avail roll around the apartment.
As an example, here is such a wonderful romantic lamp, created for one evening from improvised means We needed: • foam sheet (left over from the repair and insulation of the balcony) • 2 packs of small openwork napkins • packing oldhalf broken garland • stapler • glue hot gun • masking tape
 from improvised means
From the sheet of foam plastic we cut a circle of such diameter, which you determined for your future lamp.
 cut a circle
Create empty space inside the circle.
 Inside to ruga
 polystyrene circle
We cut another circle, but we can make the internal space square, and insert the clock there or picture. It will also be very interesting and beautiful.
 a hoop several times scotch tape
Next we wrapped the circle around the resulting hoop several times with paper tape .
 We mark with a pencil
This should be done for 2 reasons: so that the foam does not crumble, and so that it can be glued to it (the circle) our decorations. Notes using a pencil or penapproximate location of the lights of the garland.
 We fold them in half
Glue the bulbs in the marked places with strips of paper tape. When the bulbs are glued, you can begin to prepare napkins . We fold them in half, and we stack them in a wave, fastening the bottom with a stapler.
 stapling the bottom stapler
 First one
Glue with a hot gun napkins to the front of the lamp. It is worth starting with lighting elements. 3-4 napkins around each light bulb, trying to keep it in the middle, evenly surrounded by napkin lace. First one, then the second, the third and so on, in order.
 then the second
 in order
 fill the remaining space
When all the bulbs are neatly surrounded by napkins, you need to fill the remaining space.
 The lamp is ready
That's all.It remains only to attach the loop to the wall on the back of the lamp and carefully hang it in the chosen place.

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