lightbox for drawing

Lightbox for drawingis an easy way to make a lightbox. This lightbox for those who are fond of animation or who like to draw - it will greatly facilitate the work. Also, a lightbox will help you to draw a child.

Materials and tools:

  1. LED strip or small LED lights;
  2. carton box;
  3. plywood 30x40 cm;
  4. methacryl (acrylic sheet);
  5. white paint and brush;
  6. scissors;
  7. glue;
  8. electrical tape;
  9. soldering iron.

Step 1

We take a cardboard box and cut it into rectangles: 23 pieces 3x40 cm and 1 piece 1x40 cm.

Now we take a sheet of plywood and cut out a rectangle 30x40 cm from it - the base. Next, paint the base with white paint.

When the paint is dry, paste the cardboard rectangles to the base. In order for the drawing surface to be inclined at the top, we glue 19 pieces of 3x 40 cm, and at the bottom 3 pieces and 1 piece of 1x40 cm - it is necessary to fix the sheet of methacryl.

Step 2

We attach a LED strip or luminaires to the base and connect them to one switch, then to the power supply. It is better to strip the LED strip (lamps) evenly spaced on the base so that the light spreads evenly.

At the end we place a sheet of methacryl on top and turn it on. Alllightbox for drawingis ready.

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