Lightbox for photographing items

Lightbox for photographing- master class, doing a lightbox with your own hands out of the box; to make correct and clear photos of their "crafts" or to create detailed photo-master-classes to share them with other users. And also, if necessary, make a clear photo of the "subject" in close-up (for example, product, etc.).

Materials and tools:

  1. box (box size depends on the size of items to photograph);
  2. Scotch tape, ruler, pencil, stationery knife
  3. white fabric, thick black fabric.

Step 1

Take the box and seal the bottom of the box.

Step 2

Now we draw a rectangle to cut the “windows” “from the sides” of the box, departing from the edge approximately 2.5-3 cm and “from the top”, and also draw a rectangle to cut out. With a stationery knife we ​​will cut out the "windows" in the box. Also cut off with a clerical knife "box cover sash."

The next step is to cut a rectangle of white size from the white fabric to close the “top and side windows”. The fabric to the box can be glued to glue, secured with tape or pins.

Tip: Once the fabric has been secured, it is better to take a few test shots, as you may need an extra layer of fabric to get the right light.

Cut the excess fabric.

Step 3

Now let's "decorate" the inside of the box - cut a rectangle out of the drawing paper and glue it (fix it with tape, for example, if you need to change the background)

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