Linen pudding with persimmon and bitter chocolate

Photo: Elena Moskalenko
Persimmon (large)2 pieces)Ryazhenka500 millilitersFlax (seeds)6 tbsp.Orange1 pieceBitter chocolate100 gramsGround cinnamon
For filing

Bright persimmon, sunny invigorating orange and undeniable power of aphrodisiacs of dark chocolate. guarantees: sweet tooth will love it!


Grind flaxseeds in a coffee grinder into a rough crumb.

Wash the persimmon, cut and remove the bones. From the orange squeeze juice.

Bitter chocolate chopped or grated. Slightly delayed for filing.

Into the bowl of the blender, add the persimmon, pour in ryazhenka and orange juice, add flax powder and bitter chocolate, season with ground cinnamon - beat until smooth.

Ready flax pudding with persimmon and bitter chocolate spread out in portioned glasses, put in the fridge until thick. When serving, decorate with marshmallows, chocolate chips and ground cinnamon.

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