Liquid glass

Automobile polish - liquid glass

Means that have a classification of liquid glass, exist in the form of special polishing pastes, which are more active and have a wider range of properties and qualities than ordinary polishes. Of course, the name does not correspond to reality, because the composition is not liquid glass in the literal sense. The composition of such pastes includes special substances that actively interact with the coating of cars, have a positive effect on it, and the effect of this effect actually received the name - liquid glass.

After the car is well washed and dried, so that there is no single dirty, wet and greasy area on the surface, this paste is applied to the body and applied with a polishing machine and polishing wheels. The paste, when interacting with the environment, forms a thin and very durable film on the body, which not only gives a glossy shine to the body, but also eliminates all small scratches, and also helps protect the body from corrosion.

The coating of the car body with such liquid glass provides high-quality gloss and 100% reflectivity of the body surface, which significantly changes the appearance of the car.

Operation of the car covered with liquid glass

A body covered with liquid glass becomes less vulnerable to the effects of dirt and dust. This car is much less necessary to wash. Especially this tool is ideal in the summer for dark cars, because in dry weather dust and sand simply do not sit on the body.

It is great to use liquid glass in the winter, the coating repels water and dirt, and also prevents the body from freezing, which greatly increases the chances of retaining the paintwork.

The coating procedure itself is very simple, so if you have a polishing machine, you can save on the service station and carry out the procedure yourself. One coverage is enough for six months.

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